• Woodlands Sanatorium was in the Townland of Renmore, Galway.
  • Dublin Road.
  • It was a T.B. (Tuberculosis -  Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, a Bacteria.) treatment facility before the Merlin Park Hospital was purpose built to improve on it.
  • It was a bit ad-hoc, temporary. A number of Pavilions were added to expand the facility.
  • It couldn't have been the best place to work either. " A report from the County M.O.H. was also submitted stating that the day Nursing Staff in Woodlands Sanatorium work at present a 52 hour week and the Night Staff a 74 hour week" Presumably, there must have been 2 shifts, unlike the more common shift length of today's 3? M.O.H. must be Minister of Health. Ref. Galwaycoco, 1947 ish..
    At the same link, there is a motion ot extinguish the Right of Way, which existed on the old Dublin Road and include it in the Woodlands property, so that gives us a time frame too.
  • When was it used? Don't know, but was open for T.B. Patients in 1926, so sometime before this, and after 1953 when Merlin became its replacement.
  • This Building later became known as The Holy Family (  53.279741 ,  -9.027249 ).
  • To the North of this Estate, is  a facility ran by the Brothers of Charity.
  • See the Cholera , Fever Hospital, to the west of Renmore.
  • An Operating Theatre opened in 1952, funded by the Hospitals Trust. (ref.)

Renmore House  (53.279649°,   -9.026499 )  to the South and around where Rosedale School is now.

Renmore House, Galway
Renmore House


Holy Family
Holy Family National School, Renmore, Galway. Opened in 1969, the 4th of March, by Bishop Michael Browne.

Woodlands Sanatorium