Two Mile Ditch is the name of a Village, in the Townlands of Pollkeen and Cappanabornia in Castlegar, County Galway.

  • Google Street View Map.
  • This Village is no longer obvious, due to the depopulation over the years.
  • The 1842 maps will show it to a busier place than it is today, with houses and sheds in good concentrations.
  • Two Mile Ditch is on the Tuam Road (N83 , formely the N17).
  • In the Irish Language, it is known as Cladh Dá Mhíle.
  • About three miles, North East of Galway City.
  • An Post Sorting Office, is to the West.
  • Another Entrance / Exit to the Racecourse in Ballybrit.  See Map of this location.
  • There are no modern housing estates.
  • Businesses today include two Industrial Estates of Lyons and Casserly.  Kph plant hire are here also. Roadstone, of course, is here for quite a while, and Clondalkin operated for a time in some sort of partnership.
  • Two Mile Ditch is said to have got its name from a double wall, at that place which was two English Miles from the City of Galway (ref. M.Jo).
    Those well-made Limestone Walls, on most sides of the Tuam Road, were built by the Galway County Council - early '60's, That task force included local Men.
  • Directly west is the Townland of Cappanabornia.
  • See, the Flood of 2009, in Two Mile Ditch.
  • A few new Street Lights are added Tuam wards, in late 2015.
  • See some local footage on Youtube. from the 1960's.
  • This area was subject to a Flooding event, in 2009. It was bizarre, to say the least and R.T.E. has footage.
    • For 2 weeks, it was spoken about, but completely misunderstood. Drainage provision was already in place, but forgotten. It was compounded by the fact that both the City and County Councils, have responsibility here.

 August 2019 - It looks like a Cone-Fest. For years now, it is customary to leave Traffic Cones at the side of the Tuam Road, all year long. But this year, this practice is exaggerated to the fullest while one Water Pipe is put inside an older and problematic one. On the North side of the Tuam Road, is an 8 inch Water Main, while there is a 14 inch one on the South side. The 8 inch pipe has ruptured, repeatedly, so this is the current plan - to replace it from within. Every Home and Business, has a hole outside of it, and a temporary Feed from a three quarter inch flexible Pipe. They also have a compliment of Cones, to adorn this feature.
A six inch Water Pump, has been left at the side of the  Road, more of less full-time, since the response to the 2009 Flood, and no more than the Cone-Fest , this must be a testament to the changing nature of People in Ireland, that no one is stealing either.

Two Mile Ditch

^ The Map above is from sometime after 1890, showing a Lime Kiln (coordinates; 53.306274, -8.996536 ) Quarries, Wells for Water, and Sheepfolds for .... Sheep.

Old Map of Two Mile Ditch

^Above, in the 1840's map, we can see the Quarry (still there) and a Trigl. /Trig. station / Triangulation Station marking 221 behind it. The road towards it, no longer exists while a likeness still does for part of it.

  • Morohan and Hughes, a Builder Providers, which morphed into Mc Mahons ( 53.301111 ,-9.007159) , Map. . Now called Mc Mahon's Builder Providers, but likely to be C.P.O, 'ed, by either the Galway or City Council, to facilitate their dream for a Motorway through a place like this.
  • Ted Murphy, the Great Hurler.
  • Previously here - SLD Pumps, Lowry's Dismantlers  and Donellly's Coal..
  • Temporary Home to the famous John Donnellan, Bosco Mc Dermot, Galway Yoga Teacher Creganna 
  • A Shop was here for a time.
  • Kings Building Centre - providing Building materials in the 70's and 80's before such Merchants were common place.
  • Around April the 20th, 2013, a speed camera related sign, is erected - the limit being established for some time, before - 50 kmh
  • There is old Well here, with fine stonework.


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Josephine (Mary) O Dowd, was a retired School Teacher from England, who rented a place for her state of the art, Mobile home, in the 1970's. Died, July 21st., 1998.