The Sandy River was known earlier as the Terryland River and joins the River Corrib at one point (53.284834, -9.059632) and ends in Castlegar Galway at two other points ( 53.293770 , -9.022330 and 53.292635 , -9.024874).

Rivers, usually flow to the Sea, but this one flows into the ground. After passing underground, this River and its constituents are said to emerge up around the Roscam / Murrough Townlands and Waithman's pier  Others will suggest Oranmore.

  • Pollavurleen.
  • Terryland Bridge.
  • Terryland Castle
  • Folklore may tell of primitive tests, including saw dust?, to detect the ultimate destination. Local fisher-men can tell of Trout and Perch in these waters (ref; P.B.).
  • "Lynch's Folly" referred to the construction of a Canal to connect this River with Lough Atalia, with only one motive - to expand Industry. That project began in 1498 and finished soon afterwards, without completion. The cheapest path for that to cross the current Tuam Road, would have to be through the Mooneenageisha College of today? A remnant of that partial-Project, still exists.
  • Where this River sinks, is an interesting place to see on Maps. Fields. Roads and other boundaries have it in mind, and have a radial visual effect. Bothar na Coiste, for example, matches the contour elevation. Drainage was more a problem than irrigation, and Field boundaries seem deliberately tuned to this.
  • Housing Estates and Streets can have names associated with their region , ergo, Sandyvale, Sandyview and Sandy Road.
  • Coopers Cave (53.292717 , -9.024055 ), another cavern sunk with mystery and folklore is nearby. Some speculate that it led to the Racecourse in Ballybrit. When this observer got to it over thirty years ago, it was partially filled with rubble and screenings to stop the likes of us going any further - good idea!
  • The shortest distance between the river (53.295071, -9.023363) and the Castle in Castlegar Village, is 0.37 kilometres or 0.23 miles.
  • The shortest distance from Bothar Na Choiste (nearest access road) is approximately 0.27 kilometres (0.17 miles).
  • Access can be by the Cluain Riocaird housing estate, or the Castlegar Castle Boreen or Bothar na dTreabh near the Housing Estate of Barr Aílle.
  • The Sandy River / Terryland river was indeed the source for Galway's water to the Old Terryland Water Works (see map in new window) and because it was lined with stone to properly channel it; was known by the locals as "the Canal" (ref. P.B). The New Waterworks is at this map location.
  • Water, given its density and where available, was used to provide power for machines, prior to electrification. At anything above 900 times the density of Air, more Torque can be captured from Water (hydro ), and this property has been known long before the properties of Electricity. All that was needed was a way to rotate a shaft, mechanically - and the very opposite to a Boat Engine and its Propeller. This captured energy was distributed by Belts of various configuration, and was a practice associated with other parts of Galway like Nuns Island, etc..
  • Water is also the most common solvent on Earth, and it was used for all sorts of flushing operations which were not enviromentally sensitive, but commercially useful.
  • On a side note, there is an old Generator which was sandblasted, painted, photographed and then largely forgotten. It came from one of the Canals in the inner City, and the Political impetus to restore it has waned, and it could now do with a second make-over. That happened about 12 years ago when there was a push on Wave Energy Power production and the narrative to support hydro power was at its height. We had the Wavebob and the OE Bouy prototypes, resident in Galway Bay.
  • Until recently enough, a Textiles factory made use of the water for other processes. This building is the current premises of the Galway City Council, and Galway County Council, where they have workshop and yards. Other businesses occupy the rest of the building.
  • Old location of Knocknasimon - Simon's Hill is nearby at 53.285520 , -9.038836 (east of the modern day Galway County Council and Galway City Councils yards in Liosban.
  • Bollinbrook Fort (Bollinbroke - Cromwell stronghold) - 53.282624 , -9.043058

Terryland Bridge.

  • See Youtube Video.
  • On the Old Sandy Road, or what is left of it, just west of the new road.
  •  53.284786°,   -9.043259
  • Got Google Earth? Download a K.M.Z.
  • Built with Limestone, and a Wrought Iron Railing on either side.
  • You'd barely know that this was there. Access is via the Retail Park, and the Housing Estate to the South - Gleann na Tra.
  • Another almost forgotten beauty spot. They didn''t go to as much trouble where the new Road passes over the River, where that bridge seems to be cased (cast)i in concrete, using corrugated sheeting as the Mold.?

Below is a rough map showing the course of the river with Castlegar being on the top right hand side.

a basic map of the Sandy River

Thanks to Joe for input.