The Grotto in Castlegar is up the hill to Castlegar Church (Saint Columbas ), on the right.

  • It has a man-made limestone structure, which houses a few statues.
  • As well as steps for praying, there is a few seats / benches, where one can take a rest and embrace the view.
  • The Grotto is also the final resting place for some of the local clergy, like Canon (Father ) Hyland and Mitchell and Father Roland (the Man who mobilized the Parishioners, to build the Grotto - ref. W.S.).


Co-ordinates for the Grotto in Castlegar, County Galway are approximately 53.29466

and -9.013849 ( 53° 17' 40.776" , -9° 0' 49.8564" ) . Elevation; 95 feet or 28.956 metres.

See the Grotto on a Flashearth map

The photograph below is of the entrance to the Grotto.


This photo shows the uppermost section of the Grotto, where Our Lady keeps an eye on the parish :)

our lady

This photograph is of the headstone of ( Father ) Canon Hylands headstone. He used to live in a large house on the grounds of where Monaghans garage on the Tuam road, is now.


And below is the headstone of ( Father) Monsignor Joseph Mitchell.

father mitchell