• There was a Fever Hospital, known locally as "the Isolation", in the Townland of Renmore, Galway.
  • Its purpose was in the nickname - a place to isolate People who might have transmittable disease or diseases.

  • Coordinates -   53.268567 ,   -9.043933
    • Now, and empty space, owned by the Harbour Board.
  • See a Youtube Video.
  • It was due to the fact that Galway was a Maritime Port - a Hub for Foreign Peoples and foreign / unknown illnesses. Exotic, I suppose.
  • Access to it, was under the Railway Line, still known as the Line, between Ceannt Station and Mellows Barracks in Renmore, Galway.
    • This Bridge, entry point, is still there but unused by Traffic, and is overgrown.
  • This general area, had no Houses on it, and was close to the Galway Port, thereby containing any viral or bacterial threat.
  • A Bungalow, and was knocked about 1996?
  • The 25 inch Maps record this structure as a Cholera Hospital (1888 to 1913)
    • Around the same time period, the Cassini version records it as the Port Sanitary Intercepting Hospital.
    • The vicinity known as Rinmore Point.
  • This area is now known as the Galway Harbour Enterprise Park.
    • O Malley Construction, constructed another route, a Bridge. to this Hospital around 1994.
  • See the Woodlands Sanatorium in this very Townland.
Fever Hospital, Renmore
The Fever Hospital, Renmore


Bridge Fever Hospital
Bridge over Cholera Hospital Road ( 53.271235, -9.038597).

 Fever Hospital in 1940, looking across from the Docks, below.

Old Hospital, Galway Docks, 1940

 See Full Image from 1940, from which this was cropped.