Terryland Castle was in the Parish of Castlegar, County Galway for a time, and in just one of a list of Castlegar Castles.

  • A different generation of Richard de Burgh (1572  to Nov. 1635) the fourth Earl of Clanrichard - lived here.
  • A decision to relocate to the Castle in Castlegar Village, was prompted by the removal of his Son's head.
    • The O Flaherty's from across the Corrib River near Oughterard, over-reacted to a Tax request.
    • See more of the gruesome detail.
  • Destroyed by fire in 1961.
  • Restored to some degree
  • This Castle is close to the Quincentennial Brigde ( 30 metres /97 feet North at closest point) and the Terryland or Sandy River.
  • 62 metres (203 feet) East of the River Corrib.
  • As the crow flies; 1.18 kilometres (0.73 miles) North West of Eyre Square.
  • Access for directions is by the Dyke Road at 53.283503 , -9.057794 walking from this point (see map).
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  • This structure has been renovated and preserved to some degree.
  • Nearby is the Old Terryland Water Works at 53.283552 and -9.057439.
  • Terryland House - 53.282243, -9.059373

 the castle in terryland galway




terryland castle galway 2021


terryland castle rear

 nli 1880

                     ^ The National Library of Irleand, describes the image above as Menlo Caslte, yet we clearly recognise it, as Terryland Castle? Sometime after 1880.


May 1227 - King Henry the third, granted Connacht to the Second Earl of Ulster, Richard de Burgh after, it is thought, that Hugh O Connor, as the former King of Connacht, relinquished it.