Steinbock was a Company of German origins, which made Forklifts in Mervue, Galway.

Where was it? The same premises / site as the Old Crown Factory.

Coordinates; 53.284042 , -9.016739

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The Factory opened in 1960, and the Advertiser has some lovely detail at including a great photo. Galway Memories onFacebook has another image worth looking at.

At Steinbock's Website, they have a fine history page which states that "This branch is designed to produce electric forklifts". A county Galway Man with a good memory and specialised Engine knowledge, swears that they made ones, with Diesel Engines as well, and will mention a Mercedes as one? Not from the Galway Plant, perhaps?

Read the history yourself at which now seems to be rooted in Orlando, Florida, and who don't seem to have a Sales Office in Germany anymore.

John Joe Mc Donagh, who many might know from AnCO amongst other places, was one of the young lads trained to work in this Factory. Read a fine piece about his memories at the Doughiska Website -

Steinbock becomes Crown in 1968 - Crown then moves to the SPS premises, and this building was abandoned in the early 80's to be rejuvenated years later, as smaller Units - Puritan Bennett and the likes.


   ^ Sample image of a Triolift - some named for the number of Wheels?