Potez was the Name of a Company which had a Factory in Mervue, Galway - in the 1960's and 70's.

  • In 1963, the 1 Million Pound Factory was open by Sean Lemass.
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  • Mass was held in the Canteen on a Sunday, to facilitate the new population of what in now called; "Old Mervue".
  • Where was Potez? On the site of the current Thermo King.
  • Classified as a Metal Manufacturer in 74 (Thom's Directory), but really made a range Oil burning Heaters; specifically, Paraffin.These were for Room and Facility heating. This is to say, that Paraffin / Kerosene Oil, was the heat source.sample potez heater
  • Potez was the name of a French Company and that of a Man.
  • Also known as Potez Industries of Ireland Limited.
  • Initial projections were that this Factory would employ up to 700 People, but didn't come close. Short-time ( the practice of not having a full weeks work), was later introduced with "Mild Winters" across Europe, cited as a reason for cut backs in production
  • Towards its end, what may be described as Sheet Metal Press Work, became the "staple", if you will. Punches, Presses, and the manipulation of Steel.
  • .Went into receivership in 1974, also.
  • Meetings were held here in Mervue, including one for the formation of the Galway Credit Union.
  • It was in the Parish of Castlegar, until they got their own - that of Mervue / Saint James's.
  • Coordinates; 53.28406 , -9.020002
  • Show me, if I was to Walk to it, where it would be Today? Map - new window.
  • See a Copy of a 1967 Newsletter.

Around the same period, this Company was associated with Potez Aerospace Limited at Baldonnel, County Dublin -  and the manufacturing of Aero-related parts - as well as a particular Model of Aeroplane. Went into recievership in '68.