N6 Galway City Ring Road.

The N6 Galway City Ring Road is now at the Oral Hearing Stage of negotiations.

  • Oral Hearing. February 18th, 2020. 
    • Venue - The G Hotel.
  • This Ring Road, was known as the Galway City Bypass until late 2016, thereafter being known as the N6 Galway City Ring Road. Why exactly it got a name-change is unclear.
    • This particular iteration is a response to the Galway City Outer Bypass (the G.C.O.B.) which failed in the European Courts, for technical reasons. This version is longer, and extends to the west to Barna.
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Extinction Rebellion

5th of March, 2020, and while the Oral Hearing was ongoing - - a protest was organised to take place on the Quincentenial Bridge at 5.30 pm. This is the very same date as Prince William and his wife visited Galway City. Because of this Royal visit, some of the City had Traffic restrictions in place, so the Bridge was free.

Preferred Route.

The "Preferred Route" was the name given to the Selected Route out of Seven, for the N6, Galway City Transport Project.

  • The Preferred Route was announced on the 7th of May, 2015.
  • This was more or less, a Route which combined 2 (Bllue and Pink) of the previous 6, into one.
  • One Route, known as the Green Route, was to pass very close to Menlo Village, after crossing through Killoughter , other villages and Roadstone. This would have been the most easterly path.

October 15th, 2015 - Bore Holes are drilled around the Racecourse, to test the ground.