• Townland - Murrough,  Galway
  • A.K.A.  Murroogh House
  • Coordinates -    53.270191,   -9.002847
  • Elevation -  10 Metres
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  • Built circa 1860's
    • Other structures were here, pre 1842
  • Gate House
  • Waithman's Pier
  • Level Crossing Identifier -  XG 173

In August of 2019, a debate broke out at home - the Car was started and we were dispatched to Murrough House. It was largely forgotten about, you see.
We get as far as the Railway Line to Dublin, and park up.
The Entrance looked fake, but wasn't. It was done in a style of Stonework, that you wouldn't see often - pecked, Limestone. It should be illegal to have no Trespassing signs anywhere near Stonework of that calibre. You would feel compelled to enter, in case there were more examples of it.
That entrance, is a few metres higher than the House, so you begin a descent towards Galway Bay.

The Gate House (  53.271179,   -9.001977), that used to be, is on your right, and easily missed - such is the overgrowth. It wasn't tall, to begin with, but one of the Chimneys, sticks up. The 2007 Google Image from its historical layer, shows it best. We should have approached it from the West, in hindsight.

You can hang a right, or go straight, and we chose the former, and Murrough House is before us.

Murrough House was part of the Merlin Park and Blake Estate.

  • William Randolph Hearst (1863-1951), had it after that (1930's) and the Waithman's were here after vacating their Merlin Park residence.
    • A Publishing Magnate, with a Mother from Galway.
    • He was the last private owner of Galway's Mace and Sword. Sometime, after his death, they were given back to the City / Corporation.  See an Oireachtas debate from 1960.
  • Thomas Joseph Carr (1839 - 1917), first Bishop of Galway, and later the Archbishop of Melbourne in Australia - lived here for a while - sometime between 1883 and '86.
    • From Moylough.
  • G.M.I.T.(Galway Mayo Institute of Technology), own it now and since 2004 when they bought it for 3.9 Million. When I win the Lotto, I will relieve them of it


Railway Line Identifier

Murrough House, Galway

murrough house galway '19

Entrance Gates to Murrough House, Galway