• Merlin Park Hospital (M.P.U.H.)
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  • Merlin Park is the name of an Estate and Townland about two Miles East of Galway City, Ireland.

  • Formely, known as Moreagh.
  • The Blake's had it for a while, and Charles (1763 - 1845) was the last.
  • was himself the Son of Martin Kirwan Blake and Julia Maria Blake.
  • This estate as we know it now, was bought from Oliver Cromwell's "Planters" as they were known, so who knows who had it before that?
  • Henry Hodgson takes ownership in 1852 when he bought it through the Encumbered Estates' Court. This particular Court was set up to clean up the finances of Land owners who had debt problems after the Famine mainly, but poor management, also.
  • The Waithman's  buy it from him in  1876
  • Mainly known today, for its Hospital - Merlin Park Hospital (1953). A Local Man (R.I.P. P.C.) claimed that he barrowed Concrete into the roof, by a ramp?? No Teleporters back then.
  • Captain Waithman had it before he gave it to Galway Corporation, to become a facility for the treatment of T.B. - Tuberculosis . Waithman and his Wife moved across the Road to Murrough House as it is known today. That Wife moved across the Road again and lived in the Timber structure ( coordinates -    53.274209,   -8.993471) which was the only House between the Hospital and the current Junction to the east. 
    In March, 2020, Unit 3 ( a Unit in the Hospital) is getting a special conversion to prepare for Coronavirus  Covid 19, the disease from the Sars Cov 2 Virus). 
  • Murrough is an adjoining Townland to the South and by Galway Bay, .
  • See Merlin Park Castle
  • Hitchcock had a House at 53.274839 ,   -8.992186 (Map)but was knocked sometime after 2007.
    • He was a Respriratory professional.
    • Wrote a Book - T.B. or not T.B.
    • A Walk or suggested route to walk, is named after him.
  • The Townland of Doughiska, is to the East.
  • The Galway Advertiser has a fine image of the recent House - the one prior to the Hospital. "It was paid for by the Sweepstakes fund" and the refurbishment of the Castle in Ballybrit was financed in part by the Lottery? There is nothing wrong with this of course, but it does seem a little indirect.
  • Blake was out in 1852 and Hodgson was in and then replaced by Waithman at 1876 and who had it before all of them? One local Gentleman, reckons that the Waithman's owned as far North as the Monivea Road, but.......
  • Merlin Park Hospital Image - 53.276319 ,   -9.003108
  • Galway Hospice Application.

Merlin Park Townland

Blake of Merlin Park

                 ^ Blake of Merlin Park, Co. Galway, and of Moyne, Culcon, and Ba&glass, Co. Mayo (A). JOHN BLAKE, fifth son of Robert Blake of Ardfry (see BLAKE OF ARDERY, ante, p. 179), was devised the castle and lands of Castletown in the barony of Longford, Co. Galway, by the will of his father. lie was admitted a law student at the Middle Temple on March 26, x6z5.

In 1632 he purchased from Lord Lambert the lands of Cloonebanane and Carnehely in the barony of Kilmaine, Co. Mayo, and in 1634 obtained by way of mortgage from John McJonyne the castle and lands of Cu con in the same barony and county. Prior to 1636 he obtained, also by way of mortgage, from Redmund McRuddery the lands of Carrowenkilleen and Carroweveline in the Barony of Clanmorris, Co. Mayo. and (in right of his wife) was owner in fee of the moiety of the four quarters of Ballyglass in the same barony and county.

< On August 9, 1640, he purchased the lands of Carrowreogh and Knockanroe in said barony and county from Redmond oge McRuddery. lie was Recorder of the town of Galway from 1642 to 1654, when he was super-seded by the Cromwellian party. Ile married Margaret, elder daughter and one of the two co-heiresses of Francis Martyn of Galway, and of liallyglass, Co. Mayo (who died September 6, 1615) by his wife Cathalina Burke.

John Blake died between 1656 and 1663, and was succeeded by his eldest son, FRANCIS BLAKE of Moyne, Co. Mayo. and of Moreagh (afterwards called Merlin Park), near the town of Galway. On May 17, 1677, he got a confirmatory grant by patent under the Acts of Settlement of the four quarters of Ballyglass in the barony of Clanmorris, Co. Mayo, and of other lands in the barony of Dunmore. Co. Galway. On March 5, 163o, he purchased from his uncle-in-law Andrew oge Blake (see post, BLAKE OF FURBOUGH)—who was the assignee of the patentee, George, Duke of Albemarle—the mansion.house in the town of Galway which, before the Cromwellian forfeitures, had been occupied by his (Francis') father, John Blake ; and about the '9'

>same period (168o), probably, said Francis Blake also purchased the lands of Moreagh and Doughiska, near the town of Galway, from the Cromwellian planters or their representatives. On November 6, 1663, he got a lease for a term of years from William, Earl of Clanricarde, of the four quarters of Moyne in the parish of Shruel, baron of Kilmaine and county of Mayo.

Ile married first, GyIle (or Julia), youngest daughter of Martin fizz Andrew Blake of Cummer (seeps:, BLAKE OP BALLYGLENIN), by whom he had issue: 1. Martin, of whom presently. 2. Margaret, who married, in 1695, Patrick Blake senior of Corbally (see BLAKE OF CORBAI.LY ante, p. 185). Francis Blake married secondly , Anstas Darcy (who survived him). He died circa 171x (will dated September 8, 1711, proved at Tuam July 26, 1716), and was buried in St. Francis' Abbey in the town of Galway.

He was succeeded by his son, MARTIN BLAKE of Moreagh, Co. Galway, and Moyne, Culcon, and Ballintubber, Co. Mayo, which last-mentioned estate he purchased in 1691 from Robert Blake of Ardfry, (see BLAKE OF AMMO', ante, p. 179). By deed dated May 15, 17xx, he purchased from Sir Henry Bingham, the trustee for sale (under Act of Parliament) of Lord Clanricarde's forfeited estates, the reversion in fee of the lease of the four quarters of Moyne. He married Mabel, third daughter of Sir George Browne, second Baronet of the Neale, Co. Mayo, and by her (who survived him) had issue two sons and four daughters, viz.: x. Francis, of whom presently. 2. George, first of Killernane, afterwards of Garracloone, Co. Mayo, ancestor of the families of BLAKE or TEAM, and BLAKE OP GARRACLOONE (see those families, post, PP- 196, 190 3. Jane, married Edmund Dillon of Hollowell, Co. Mayo. 4. Alice, married - Kirwan of Blindwell. 5. Bridget, married - Browne of Mayfield. 6. Margaret, married - Lynch. Martin Blake died at Ballisnahigny, Co. Mayo, in £744; his will, dated October z5, 1744, was not proved in the Prerogative Court until June 22, 1771 ; he was buried in the Abbey of Ross, Co. Galway, and was succeeded by his eldest son, FRANCIS BLAKE of Moreagh, Co. Galway, and of Moyne, etc., Co. Mayo. He married (settlement dated June 13,1721) Frances, daughter of Charles Daly (the elder) of Callow, Co. Galway, and by her (who survived him, and died in 1783, will dated Feb-ruary 29, 1776, proved P.C. May 26, 1783) had issue four sons and two daughters, viz.: 1. Charles, of whom presently.
z. John, Major of the Galway Volunteers in 1779. 3. Anthony, of Carramore, Shruel, Co. Galway. He married Margaret, daughter of - Kirwan of Dalgin, Co. Mayo, and died without issue. His will, dated January 22, 1799, was proved at Tuam January 3, o6. 4. Martin, of Houndswood, Co. Mayo, which he held on lease from John Darcy. Ile was admitted a student at the Middle Temple on November 17, 1759, and died unmarried ; his will, dated May 7, 1805, was proved in P.C. on May 9, 1806. 5. Mabel, died unmarried. 6. Anne, died unmarried. Francis Blake died circa 1763, and was succeeded by his eldest son, CHARLES BLAKE of Merlin Park (formerly called Moreagb), Co. Galway, and of Moyne, etc., Co. Mayo. He married, on May 3, 1762 (articles dated April 17, 1762), Margaret, third daughter of Denis Daly of Raford, Co. Galway, by Lady Anne his wife, daughter of Michael, tenth Earl Clanricarde, and by her (who survived him, and married secondly, John Darcy of Ballykinc, and thirdly, in June, 1791, Stephen Blake, fifth son of Sir Walter Blake, tenth Baronet, of Menlo, and died circa 1824; will dated December 12, 1514, proved March 24, 1825) had issue two sons and one daughter, viz.: t. Charles, of whom presently, 2. Denis John. who was admitted a student at Lincoln's Inn on July 2, 1791. He was Captain in the Sgth Regiment, and was present at the Battle of Alexandria on the staff of Sir Ralph Abercrombie, when he was wounded. His will was proved P.C. in 1603. 3. Frances, married, in October, 1782, John Darcy of Houndswood, and had issue. Charles Blake died in May, 1769 (will dated March 25, 1768, proved P.C. June £5, 1769), and was succeeded by his eldest son, CHARLES BLAKE of Merlin Park, Moyne, etc. He married, on August 3, £790 (articles dated May 14, 179o), his cousin Georgina, daughter and coheir of Sir George Browne of the Neale, sixth Baronet, and niece of John, first Baron Kilmaine, and by her (who died November 24, 184o, and was buried in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin) had issue three sons and three daughters, viz.: 1. Charles Kilmaine, of whom presently. 2. Denis John, who married, in April, 1831, Anna, daughter H. 13

The Merlin-park quarry was opened in 1 8 1 4, and Mr. Blake, the proprietor, exported a few cargoes ; but the industry, perseverance and resolution to encounter not only preliminary expense, but even temporary losses, to bring works of this kind to perfection, do not seem to have attended these undertakings. There is, however, little doubt, but that, if these quarries were worked IA ith



Permission for development off a Daycare and Residential Healthcare Unit with a focus on Palliative Care in 2018..
That Application was made by Galway Hospice Foundation.
Galway City Council, were in favour, but this 20 Million Euro proposal was refused Planning Permission by an Bord Pleanala (the planning board). on the 31st of January, 2019. It was to house 36 En-suite Bedrooms and other facilities. Access was to be through the current Merlin Park Hospital, and the site was to be 6.7 hectacres. See Map.  See documentation.
Rough Coordinates;   53.274767,   -8.995029

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