Merlin Park Castle is one ofmany Castles which were in the Parish of Castlegar, Galway, before it contracted or expanded into new parishes.

Video, May 2021.

  • Semi enveloped by a Housing Estate - Coillte Mhurilinne - Merlin Wood
  • The ground rises to the North and falls to the South.
  • Not too long ago, at all, this general vicinity was Farming country.  There is a wonderful account of this area by Mr. Mark Kennedy  in the '90's ? - Horselands. The Modern Houses in the images below were not there then. We can see the newly built Ballybane Church. Before The Galway Corporation moved into the area, a few Farmers from Ballybane Village, owned the lands here. Jump to Merlin Park Castle footage, from that Film. See the full Film, which includes the newly built Ballybane Church at that time. I'd say that the original Houses at Hillside were built 40 Years ago (1979), and the entrance was through Crowe's Avenue, unless forgetful, and that Castle Park, the Church and the road to it, were not yet built Sisk, was the Builder, I think.
  • 560 metres from Ballybane Church (Saint Bridget's), 

Supposed to a tower of Charles Blake; this is still a fine example of stonework / craftsmanship. You'd imagine that they are larger in dimension, but seem to favour height for view advantage and depth for security. At 97 feet, there was little to obstruct the vista, covering Galway Bay and westwards to the City. Eastward, would have been good too, with limitations to the North. 

This building is said to have a (Sheela na Gig - See Wikipedia in a new window) carving above one of its windows, and on the inside. It doesn't exactly look a Sheela ná Gig though, so someone will have to verify this? As this building is padlocked shut, we don't have access. Incidentally, there is only one visible door on the ground floor - on the South Facing side, where you see the markings of an extension long gone.

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Merlin Park Castle, Housing Estate, Galway


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The Galway Advertiser, Nov. 1993.

Your Home is Your Castle
THE MAYOR Of Galway Councillor Henry O'Connor recently inspected works being carried out at the new Merlin Park Woods by Fas under the direction of Bardas na Galllimhe.

The 82 Acre Forest was overgrown and inaccessable recently acquired from Coillte Teo and is now being tastefully opened up for the enjoyment of all. The Mayor led the party 1 ing tastefully developed as through newly developed an amenity for the enjoy- walks and then ascended the ment of all.

Two old stone dwellings have been discovered so far and are believed to have been built by the Fureys from Baileban  and Deoc Uische over two hundred years ago.  Remains have also been uncovered of an intricate pattern of substantial walls enclosing fields of rock . The Watercourse which flows through the middle of the Wood, is overgrown and inaccessible and is now being opened up.

The Mayor led the Party through newly developed walks , and then ascended the 16 th Century Castle He was astounded at the great state of its preservation and its potential for developing as the highlight of the entire project. He also commented on the value of the estate to Students of social History have also been uncovered of Students of Social History  showing the contrast between the lifestyles  in the fortified Tower an intricate pattern of showing the contrast between the humble stone thatched dwellings close by.

Nearby - Merlin Park Hospital