Menlo Pier is not far from The Menlo Castle and is constructed with limestone. It is also in the Parish of Castlegar, County Galway.

A monument or polished stone plaque commemorates the Emmets Rowing team of 1922 and lists the names of those involved.

The entrance to Menlo Graveyard, lies at the end of this Pier.

This pier has some seating provided and there is usually a good selection of Ducks and the occassional swan to be seen, as they go about their business in this water and rushes environment.

Coordinates; 53.301235 and -9.077324 ( 53° 18' 4.4454" and -9° 4' 38.3664" )

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Elevation; about 26 feet or 7.924 metres.

As well as having a reasonably good level of car parking facilities, this is also the closest point by car, to the main Menlo cemetry or graveyard.

Menlo Pier is roughly 41 metres long and about 0.6 kilometres from The Menlo Castle as the crow flies due South, South - East of this pier.

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Menlo Pier

The Plaque;

Menlo Emmet's Plaque

Well maintained as you see.

While Menlo Pier is quiet enough these days, it was a hub of activity for hundreds of years as the Corrib River and Lake was a transport system in itself. 

Sights of boats with cocks of hay on-board, various animal species and poultry were not unusual; nor were boats laden with turf - a mode of transport for anything which could be made to float.

See more information at where a vessel going from Annaghdown to Galway, ran into bother. Circa 1828.

Looking out to the Corrib Lake

Menlo Pier gets an additional Plaque in December 2013 - See which has a photograph.

Walter Macken spent some years nearby.