Menlo Graveyard / Cemetery is just one of a list of Graveyards in the Parish of Castlegar, Galway.

  • Coordinates ; 53.300354 , -9.077473
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  • Access by road, requires you to drive to Menlo Pier and turn west.
  • Townland ; Menlo
  • See the entrance on Google's Street View, where the Gates are shown into the Graveyard (new window).
  • Originally, a Lisheen (Burial Ground for the Young) and a few Old People. It became more formalised when Father Geraghty and locals, built a wall around it, sometime after 1860 (History of Castlegar Parish, Father Padraic O Laoi). He also writes that there are a few Protestants buried here.


menlo graveyard

Below, shows the way in.