Leader's shop was a prominent landmark on the N17 or Galway to Tuam road, in Castlegar, County Galway.

Coordinates: 53.295257, and -9.014457 (53° 17' 42.9246" , -9° 0' 52.0452" ).

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Leader's Shop, 2009

Every commuter to Galway city, via the Tuam road knew of Leader's Shop- a place which was a newsagents, general supplies, solid fuel supplier and one of the few well-stocked shops on the Tuam road, for many years.

Like wise for commuters using the Headford road and switching across to the Southern areas of the County. In the 60's, the Tuam road was upgraded, some of the dip was filled, and the road shifted slightly North to make it straighter at this point. This explains in part, why the area in front of the shop is large.

Redundant land from the northerly shift of the road, is now used as the path and shrubbery due North West towards Parkmore. Further evidence, is the drop to Grogans and the width of the road in front of Turk's (53.29754, -9.011717 - Map ).

The shop owner was Patsy or Patti Leader. R.I.P. July 2009. Today, the shop is home to A.P.S. energies, but is still often referred to as Leaders, as a landmark.

Nearby, are the modern Babyworld (old Castlegar School premises),and Timber Sheds for sale. Directly in front, is the Irish Civil war Memorial Cross, well maintained by a local man.

Castlegar Church - Saint Columba's, is due South of Leaders up the hill. Likewise for the Grotto. The Post / Letter Box is at 53.295581, -9.014419 - Map