• Killeen Castle is one of many Castles in Castlegar, County Galway, Ireland.
  • In the Irish language, this place is known as Caisleáin an Chillín - Castle of Killeen, the town land name. Killeen means small church.

Location; Access is either by

  1. the Galway to Tuam Road (N17) . About a mile south of Mc Hughs pub ( lat. 53.313605 and long. -8.985964 ).
  2. From the Galway to Monivea road (Regional road - R339), turning north up Ballintemple and onto Bruckey.
  • Built in the fourteenth century by Redmond Burke
  • "In 1586, William and Edmund McWilliam Ffiegh are given as the owners of Kellyn (Killeen) Castleref. google books).
  • "in 1814 Killeen Castle is recorded as the home of Marcus Blake" ( Landed Estates - page not found?). So, we have Blakes at Killeen, and Cloonacuaneen Castle.

 Killeen Castle, Galway


This castle may be best viewed in Flashearth (new window).

Latitude; 53.312779

Longitude; -8.978797

Local business; Mc Hughs bar and food (new ownership recently, but still known as such).

Killeen House was a separate structure and another location.

The Lisheen Graveyard in Killeen is nearby.

 Killeen Castle front

 Killeen castle galway '20 tmb