Killeen Barracks may have been in the Townland of Cloonacuaneen, but is referenced on the Web, as Killeen. It was across the Tuam Road from Mc Hughs Pub.


It's mentioned in a few Old I.R.A. documents, and elsewhere in cases where People are tracing their Relatives.


It was a Royal Irish Constabulary Barracks. One local Historian (P.G.) will tell of it also;


  • of how the Ballybrit boys would be smoking around it - a meeting place, one supposes.


  • and of how its Gable End was used as a kind of Handball alley.,534277,729741,7,9 where it is marked as "Constabulary"

Killeen Barracks


^Copyright - O.S.I. Circa the 1890's plus. "Smithy", one presumes, was a Blacksmith in Pollkeen, and there was many of them.

A Man by the Name of Eugene Igoe, may have been stationed here.


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Coordinates; 53.313621 , -8.986446