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Listen to John Connolly speaking to Keith Finnegan about the Castlegar G.A.A. Club's initiative to help the Community cope with the Covid 19 (Corona Virus) pandemic. (18th March, 2020).  Audio and a few images.

The 3 JC's - Joe Canning, Joe Cooney and ,John Connolly.. Fundraiser - November the 23rd, 2019 in the Galmont Hotel.


John Connolly was born in Tir an Fhia, Connemara, in 1947. His Family moved to Castlegar shortly thereafter.

  • August 2016 - John is inducted into the G.A.A. Hall of Fame. This Ceremony was at the G.A.A. Museum Auditorium within Croke Park
  • Manager of the Senior Hurling Club - 2009
  • Builder, by Trade.
  • Eldest, of the the Connolly Brothers, and Father to Aisling - the Camogie Player.
  • Other sports - Boxing, in the Old School, Castlegar, where that Club (Olympic Boxing Club) was ran by Chick Gillen for a time. In 1965, John was a Connacht Junior Champion, boxing as a  Welterweight. Squash, in the Castlegar Sports Complex and other theatres. Comfortable too, with a Golfing stick.
  • One of the Hurlers featured in a Book entitled "Castlegar Hurlers: Joe Connolly, John Connolly, Mick King", with Joe being his younger Brother.
  • John is quoted in John Scally's humorous Book on Football. Scally, goes on to describe him as a Renaissance Man.
  • Minor and Under 21 Hurler with Galway.
  • First Senior game - Galway versus County Clare in 1968.
  •  Connacht Railway Cup Hurling Champion - 1980. Joe Connolly was also on this team.
  • Galway All Ireland Champions player - '80.
  • All Star Award Winner in 1971 - the only Galway Hurling Winner that year.
  • All Star Award Winner in 1979, among the great Iggy Clarke and Frank Burke.
  • Texaco, Hurler of the Year in 1980.
  • Galways first Hurling All Star.
  • John Connolly is a fluent Irish Speaker, with roots in Connemara before his family moved to Racecourse View in Castlegar, not far from the site of the old Hurling Pitch - such as it was.
  • A natural Leader, with a strategic Hurling brain. Above average height for the time, adding to his athletic frame.

 1969, 1972, 1973, 1979,  1980 All-Ireland Club Championship Victory


john Connolly,2012

   ^ Youtube Video of John being asked his opinion on the All Ireland Senior Hurling Final

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  • http://www.galwayindependent.com/sport/sport/castlegar-roll-back-the-good-times/
  • "The Men who changed the Face of Galway Hurling" - "A father-figure to the team, he had won an All-Star award in the first year of the scheme in 1971. The High King of Castlegar brought a truly regal presence, first as a midfielder and later as a full-forward. He had all the natural attributes to make an exceptional hurler but despite his successes he always retained a great modesty.