There is a way to estimate Torque, without a Torque Wrench.

Having failed the NCT, three times in as many weeks - I set about finding a cure.
There was an imbalance (holding torque), between one Wheel and its counterpart.

  • We checked the Brakes multiple times, and they were fine each time - but still it failed.

The issue is that you would need a large Torque Wrench or something like a rolling road, to check such a holding torque.

  • My Mechanic didn't have either, so how could we test?

Anyway, it can be done and here is how.

  • Get a pipe or a Bar that is long enough.
    • Connect it to the Hub (wheel) in some way. I made a Tool - a universal tool, but you could improvise?
  • Know your own weight.
  • Refer to the Torque Chart (newton metres)
    • Find the closest value, and find the Length of Lever, on the same chart.

There is the weight of the Pipe / Bar, of course - which should be included in your calculations, but you get the idea.

If I am 90 Kilograms in weight, then I should apply that weight at a Lever Length of 1.7 -ish metres of Lever, to reach a torque of 1500 newton metres.

The Torque Tables are done up to 4 metres of Lever length, because there are other applications which require this.

NOTE.  Use your own due diligence.  This is a guide - an estimator, and also a great way to explain in a practical way, how to guesstimate such settings, in the absence of a wrench.