• Location  - Galway Bay, County Galway.
  • Townland -  Renmore.
    Coordinates.    53.258648,   -9.024303
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  • Distance from Mainland - just over half a Mile.
  • Population
  • Structures. There is a structure standing at  53.259357,  -9.026071
  • Shipwrecks
  • Nearby Islands.
    • Mutton, to its West
    • Rabbit, to its East.
  • Visible from Roscam,  Ballybane, Murrough, Renmore , Merlin Park, and elevated Doughiska also.
    Upstairs, from the G.M.I.T. offers a fantastic view point.
  • North County Clare, is to its South on that side of the Bay.
  • Galway Docks
  • The Leverets can be seen from here,as you look West

The Leverets, visible to the West

 You can walk to this location at Low Tide, from the South of Ballyloughaun Beach. Notorious in recent times, for Visitors being marooned here when unaware or unprepared for Tidal considerations.
Cows, used to graze here, but not anymore.

This is an Island that has an inlet to the East which allows its interior to fill and empty, though from a distance it appears to be a Land Mass.
Hare Island, Galway

Old Map of Hare Island, Galway
Old Map of Hare Island, Galway

 House ruins on Hare Island


A Thomas Nolan, in 1855, presuably an extension of mainland farm?

Ship Wrecks.

  • Heros, a Norwegian Vessel. Sail Powered. 1889.