Carrowbrowne is now in Castlegar, but was referenced as being in the Parish of Oranmore, back in the 1850's.

  • The records below are for 1855.
  • Cullinan may now be known as Cullinane.
  • Cody may now be known as Coady.
  • Kilroghter is the modern name of Kyleoughter
  • This Cloonacauneen is for the former Parish of Oranmore; another exists for Claregalway but is not relevant in this particular context.



Robert Faire
Ulick Walsh
Patrick O' Dea
Michael Scarry
John Baker
William Mc Dermott
Patrick Cullinan
Michael Blake
John Giles
Martin Conern
Michael Madden
Catherine Conneely
Thomas Carrick
James Lee
Michael Nally
John Nally
Martin Baker
John Cullinan
Mary Cullinan


Michael Fallon
Thomas Boyle
Michael Fallon
Thomas Boyle
Patk. Glynn
Patrick Small
Patrick Boyle
Patrick Boyle
Daniel Cody
Daniel Corcoran
Mary Glynn
John Duggan
Patrick Cody
Patrick Glynn
Peter Glynn
Henry Boyle
Martin Birmingham
Patrick Birmingham
Martin Corcoran
Michael O' Brien
Stephen O' Brien
Michael Glynn
Michl Birmingham
Patk. Birmingham
William Corcoran

You may wish to see the 1911 Census for Carrowbrowne, in a new window, for comparison.


Michael Murphy
Nicholas Costelloe
Patrick Glynn
Patk. Glynn
David Corcoran
Patrick Casserly
Anne Collins