• Townland  - Renmore
  • City          - Galway
  • Google Maps - Aerial, Street View looking East from the New Bridge.
  • General Coordinates -  If you can get to   53.269387 ,   -9.043356  , you are in.
  • Got, Google Earth? Download a KMZ for this location.
  • From the Dock Gates, it is  mid-way toward the Liam Mellows Army Barracks, as the Crow Flies.
  • Authority - The Galway Harbour Board.
  • Tenants. 
  • Slip Way  
  • See a Youtube Video of this area.
  • The Line.  Slang term for the Railway Line.
    • It was never envisaged that this would become, a Path for the General Public to walk and Cycle on.
    • Multiple efforts were attempted to stop this passage, but the Masses got their way, and it is a popular shortcut from the City Centre to Renmore, etc..
  • Lough Atalia, is to the North.
  • There was a Beach, often known as Dead Man's Beach is still there. 
    • It wan't that deep, in terms o quantity of Sands, but there, nonetheless.
    • If you just wanted  Peace, and the Shore front as well - it had all of that.
  • Nimmo's Pier.

Recent History.

   Galway Harbour Enterprise Park

  • See the Fever Hospital
  • A.K.A.      -  Renmore Point
    • The Isolation ( local nickname)
    • Fever Hospital  / Cholera (general old reference
    • Port Sanitary Intercepting Hospital (old ref.)
  • Relatively new - Officially opened in 1993 (according to a Plaque mounted on its New Bridge of entry).
    • Officially opened n the 5th of April, 1993
    • By Mr. David Andrews, T.D. , Minister of Defense and Marine.
    • And Chairman of the Galway Harbour Commissioners - Mr. Padraic Mc Cormack, T.D..
  • Unofficially, it was open before this, and the first Commercial Occupant / Tenant, was Iggy Madden Transport.
    • First Business on the left, after passing over the Bridge.
    • Coordinates -    53.269525,   -9.043468.
    • Used to be in the Red Brick Building and Yard, with the name of "The Limerick Steamship Company", when the Dun Aengus Apartments , now are.
    • The Road through the Park, was not Tarred beyond Madden's Business, until after 1999, and was both in-development, and well-potholed.
  • After the Bridge into what some People call an Island, was built by O Malley Construction,  a Pipe Network was attached to it. This was to transfer imported Oil (Diesel, Kerosene, Petrol, etc.,), into this Island. It was previously transferred through a much shorter network to the Tanks which used to be just South of Brennan's Pub ( the soon to be - Bonham Quay), and Leeside Oil to the East.

    So, the Oil Boats, couple to or near the Dock side, and the rest is  sort of automatic.
    • Factors like this, led to the displacement of "The Dockers" and the Stevedore's.
    • For a time, the Dockers would still get a percentage of the Imports, even though the Oil Ship's Staff, were responsible for the coupling of the Ship's Pipes to the Terrestrial Pipes. (Not sure if this is still the case?)
  • A Young Lad from Renmore, made the Papers,  after finding some type of Exotic Owl, here. I knew him as indigenous, but that Owl......



  • Iggy Madden Transport, as mentioned above.
  • Rynn Engineering. The second Harbour Board Tenant on this "Island".
  • Cold Chon
    • Coletanche
    • Now something else, including the Galway Sea Scouts.
  • Topaz, built an Oil processing and distribution installation, here, sometime after 2007.
    • This took a few Years, and provided employment, during lean times ( the Economic Crash of Ireland around that date).
  • E Z Living - A Furniture Company
  • Bus Eireann - some sort of relocation from Ceannt Station and maybe a factor in the ongoing development plans for that area? A fine facility, which services / maintains, and stores their Fleet. Most Easterly position.   53.270525,  -9.037183 and nearest to the Pitch an Putt, course.
  •  P & O.
  • With Acres to rent (presumably), various transient businesses can be located here, on a temporary basis - Circuses, for example.

Renewable Energy.

  • The Wind Turbines, in place in the Moycullen / Ougherard region, and elsewhere, were stored here after off-loading from the various Ship. Some, are still here (2019).
  • The O.E. Bouy. (Ocean Energy) spent a few Years in storage here. It employed an air operated Turbine, but designed to be Sea based. The motion of a floating object, induced a reciprocating column of Air. Its Impeller / Fan, was so designed to rotate in one direction only - whether the column of air was in compression or the opposite. 
  •  Itself and its competitor, the Wavebob (now defunct, and defined by themselves as a single point energy absorber. Anchored to the Sea Bed at one point, while the floating element would rise and fall with the Sea surface), had some Engineering done here, due to its proximity to both the Docks and Galway Bay - a development site for Wave Energy experiment. Time frame - mid to later 2000's.

Slip Way.

A Small Slip, for the entry and removal of small Boats, was built here, and is still here.   53.267177,   -9.043555 

Slip Way, Galway Harbour
  • I'm not sure about the status of this, whether it is available freely to the Public. Probably not? Best guess - contact the Harbour Board...

 Galway Port Enterprise Park


Dead Man's Beach, 53.269244, -9.034964