Forster Street is the Name of a Street in Galway City, Ireland.

  • Townland  - Townparks.
  • Protected Structures
  • An Pucan
    • The Junction 
      • Nightclub. Not open for long - maybe less than 2 years?
  • Hollywoods - Pub, closed.
  • The Fairgreen
  • Saint Patrick's Church  (Parish)- New and Old
    • Hall - this was the Older Church ( 53.275309 ,   -9.047205  )
      • Various - Kung Fu - Muay Thai, Karate.
  • Fox's Bar
    • Ran for years by a Castlegar Woman and Family, who moved to Town after her Husband died. A Sister to the former owner of Mc Hugh's Pub in Killeen.
    • Very popular with C.I.E. staff at the time.
  • Galway to Clifden Railway Line
  • Forster Street House
  • Park House
  • Covid 19

To the West of here.

  • Eyre Square
    • Kennedy Park

To the Eastt

  • College Road


Covid 19

June 15th, 2020. The Northern Lane is closed to Traffic other than Pedestrian. This is a very bizarre situation, and too late in this infection cycle, to have any benefit. The so called logic is that Pedestrians will have more distance between each other, and limit their chances of getting Covid 19. Vertical barriers, are erected, to this end.

Protected Structures

  • Horse's Trough 
    Horse's Trough, Forster Street
    Horse's Trough, Forster Street
    Water Trough for Horses
    • Coordinates.   53.275265,   -9.046322  by the Kerb.
    • Thought to be from the early 1900's, probably post 1927. There are some sort of Wrought Iron Brackets which are fixed to it. Maybe, to mount it on something?
    • Contributed (formal ?) by George and Annis Bills, whose Bread and Butter was in Mattress Springs, and patented a Wire Weaving Machine and later making a small fortune from it.  As a vocation if you like, they also got Concrete Troughs made, and established a Trust Fund for it to continue. This fund paid for "our one". However, they are scattered throughout the British Isles.
    • A Protected Structure, because of its Age.
    • Once, filled with Water, and now Flowers.
    • A Brass or Bronze Plaque is fixed onto the east side of it.
    • An inscription is on the south face, molded maybe as the vessels were cast.
  • Magdalene Laundry (Asylum)
    • Church and Burial Grounds.

Side Streets

  • Frenchville Lane
  • Saint Patrick's Avenue.
  • Bothar ( Bhreandain) Ui Eithir

St. Patrick's Church

The Old Church, has been used as a Hall since the new one was built. This was much higher.

Saint Patrick's Church (Old), Forster Street, Galway
Saint Patrick's Church (Old), Forster Street, Galway
St. Patrick's New Church, Galway
St. Patrick's New Church, Galway