Crown Control was a a Factory in Mervue, Galway which;

  • Filled the Site of the former SPS.
  • Was originally in a Building to the South, known locally as "Old Crown" (Steinbock).
  • Coordinates for Old Crown; 53.284042 , -9.016739
  •                  for the "newer Crown" ;  53.287733 , -9.022401

What did they make in Crown?pallet truck

  • A Machine in its true sense, known as a "Pallet Truck", was probably the most famous Product. These Pallet Trucks could lift and shift anything with access at the bottom of a few inches, but were originally designed to move "Pallets". These trucks were manually operated and incorporated a hydraulic pump to create a Mechanical Advantage.
  • These types of products, have spared an almost infinite number of Human Backs, and were somewhat; revolutionary in nature.
  • Presses, Punches, Drills, Lathes and Welding plants, were the main equipment used in the fabrication process. Some parts were bought in, and other processes were contracted out - creating more employment and other Industries.
  • Crown expanded its product range, into other types of Hoists - targeted for stock movement in Factories.
  • Industrial Strikes, were more often threatened, than carried out - having a strong Union, by local standards.
  • The Trappers Inn, was booming during this period, and Crown was most helpful.
  • Robotic Welders (welding machines) were introduced about 30 years ago, to much debate.  As it turns out, the Robot offered no great competition to the Man - the Man is often a more reliable and flexible option than something without a Brain.
  • The Money was good, and the Workers were as happy as they could be, at the time. A Farmer from Tuam, could make a good living, as could a Young Man from Mervue.
  • The site was sold, and the manufacturing that was done here, is said to have moved to China.
  • "Senior gardaí in Galway are understood to be in favour of a move to the old Crown Control site in Mervue - The Irish Times, August, 2006.
  • Factory is on Fire - 2007.

It was bought around 2006 by Harris and King - later changing ownership to that of King and Rhattigan.

  • Since, this place is known as Crown Square,
  • The source of much talk, an all merciful amount of Clay was removed, to facilitate the ambitious underground Parking and other plans.
  • The "Bust" in the Irish Finances, came to the fore, and a very complicated hole, remains.
  • Locals, lobbied for the surrounding fencing, to be somewhat upgraded, and it came to happen in 2014. Its looks fine from the outside now, but many will say that Crown is missed - for reasons other than its perimeter.
  • July 19, 2019 - Planning lodged for phase 2 of the recent development plan -
  • September, 2019 - A Tower Crane appears, followed by another, a few weeks later.

entrance to Crown

   ^ Google image, 2010, at the Entrance.

aerial from 2003

^ 2003


^ 2008, and utterly transformed. It hasn't changed much since.