Masks don't work in a Covid '19 context.

Carl Heneghan is a Co Author of
" Landmark Danish study finds no significant effect for facemask wearers"   (
which is Plain English translation of a Scientific Random Controlled Trial, commonly referred to as Danmask '19.
'19 refers to 2019, when Sars Covi 2, came to global attention. It was published however, circa November, 2020.

That Random Controlled Trial happened during April and May of 2020, in the Country of Denmark.
A Random Control Trial (R.T.C.) is considered to be the "Gold Standard"  of Scientific Study.
The outcome of that Trial, in Scientific Jargon is at and other places.

"Masking lack of evidence with politics"  - Centre of Science based Medicine - July the 23rd, 2020.

Do Face Masks Reduce COVID-19 Spread in Bangladesh? Are the Abaluck et al. Results Reliable?


"Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis" - January, 2021. 
Sars Cov 2 diameter -  60 to 140 nanometres, a thousand times smaller that the N95 can trap.

Bacterial Study.

Cochrane Review, of Surgical Masks,  2016.  


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           Dr. Marcus DeBrun -"When the state makes mask-wearing mandatory, the state has formally rejected natural-immunity among the non-vulnerable."  August 19th, 2020


"This means that any benefit is too small to be detected by science. The government claims that masks work are in effect disingenuous propaganda, improperly relying on substandard and irrelevant studies"

""Forward-projected droplets are often advanced to be the target of mask mandates. In that case, why not simply cover the mouth and not impede nose breathing, thus also enabling the (masked) mouth to be closed more of the time?"

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  • January, 2021. Surgical Masks are useless too, for Covid.  They don't WORK. There is no known circumstances, where Masks are beneficial against Respiratory Viruses. This means that they are worthless too, inside an arbitrary and fake  "safe distance".

    However, Ventilation is beneficial.

    Also discussed, by this esteemed Professor of Physics, are Bacteria, growth, infections, Precautionary Principle, Viral Respiratory Diseases.

    For the longer form interview, see   against Covid and Respiratory Ilneses?  Seasonality, Humidity and Transmission / Aerosol Particles


Carl Heneghan.

  • Carl Heneghan, is a Professor of Science Based Medicine, and is an Epidemiologist.
    Of Local note, is the fact that he was Contracted by the Irish Government, to assess the efficacy of Masks. He did so, Stephen Donnelly did not turn up to the meeting, and the Irish Government went ahead anyway as if Carl had no input?

  • One such meeting is online at
  • "What we know is that this pathogen is now endemic in every part of the world.". Heneghan, August 13th, 2020. Dail Special Committee.
  • Same date, same Meeting -"Denmark is not mandating masks but is doing randomised controlled trials of masks, which are due to be published soon". This, is in reference to the Danish Study mentioned above, known as Danmask '19.
  • Same date and meeting - Chairman of the Special Committee, Mr Michael Mc Namara ="

    I thank Professor Staines. There is only one issue remaining. As we evolved through this, I remember sitting on the committee and hearing from a few members of National Public Health Emergency Team, NPHET. NPHET is our equivalent of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, SAGE. It was asked about face masks and the committee was told there was no evidence that face masks were beneficial.

    At that time, the World Health Organization, WHO, had not recommended wearing face masks. Now there seems to be near universal acceptance that face masks are an essential component in the fight against Covid-19 in Ireland. They have been made compulsory in all indoor retail outlets.

    The WHO has still not changed its guidance, which is to recommend the use of face masks by medics and in enclosed settings where 2 m cannot be achieved, but it does not recommend the use of face masks among the general population."

  • Same meeting. Note, that the Danmask '19 R.C.T. had yet to be published. 
    Mr. Carl Heneghan - "When one goes into the wider population, there is a small bit of evidence that shows that if one has influenza in one’s household - a child, for example - and if one wears a mask for one week in the house, one can reduce one’s risk of influenza or likely illness by about 10%. However, one has to completely adhere to mask wearing for the whole week. If one stops adhering to it, as 50% of people did, one loses all the effect. That is one of the problems."
    "The second issue is that the evidence comparing cloth masks to surgical masks or the N95s shows clearly that cloth masks are worse and may actually increase the risk of infection. Therefore, that is why they are not recommended in hospitals or in health professional settings."

    " If one looks at what has happened in the UK, for instance, it put masks in on 24 July. They were supposed to reduce the risk of infection by 40% over the next two weeks. In fact, infections detected have gone up. In effect, people are not looking at the evidence."