"You don't have to understand the Science, just the contradiction"  - Byram Bridle.   Denis Rancourt.

Stepano    Scoglio    Fairytale - that mRNA can cause Cells to produce Spike Protein.    He also discusses Toxicology, Antibody Sensitivity.


Intramuscular(I.M.) Injection  - Immunology





 How much are G.P.'s paid, to administer a Vaccine in Ireland? And, a Pharmicist?
The U.S.       
England and Wales.


  • "The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies."


2 Years On - In conversation, Professor Jay Bhattacharya and Professor John Ioannidis - Y.T..



  • >Apr. '22.  Cancer, Depleting Immune Systems and The WHO Pandemic Treaty - Dr. Ryan Cole

    Clots, expired shots,

  • Documentary. Tobacco, Radiation, Pandemic Definitions.  Finance, Swine Flu, Wolfgang Wodarg,

  • While the WHO changed the definition of "pandemic" just before the H1N1 outbreak in 2009, last year, the CDC downgraded the definition of "vaccine" from a product that produces immunity to a preparation that stimulates an immune response for protection. - Mello b33 definitions 





Bacterial Pneumonia.

The Spanish Flu

"The large 1918 mortality event, which was recruited to be a textbook viral respiratory disease pandemic (“H1N1”), occurred prior to the inventions of antibiotics and the electron microscope, under horrific post-war public-sanitation and economic-stress conditions. The 1918 deaths have been proven by histopathology of preserved lung tissue to have been caused by bacterial pneumonia. This is shown in several independent and non-contested published studies." -  Rancourthttps://denisrancourt.ca/entries.php?id=130&name=2023_06_22_there_was_no_pandemic_essay

See Anthony Fauci, who co-wrote a Paper on this.

See Bacterial Pneumonia.


Swine Flu of 1976

Swine Flu of 2009


  • Approved, by the E,M.A. ( and Ireland, as a consequence). Canada and the U.S.,  are no different. What Doctors do the ground, is a whole other story, with sone abedotal evidence of Irish G.P.s doint ti their own way - re-purposed Drugs suxh as Ivermectin. To what exttent, canbnot be estimated.

  • Worthless

  • medicine ireland covid tmb

  • Nov, 20th, '20 - The W.H.O. , recommend, against the use of Remdesivir?



  • To think, that Censorship does not exist in Ireland, requires a Smart Phone configuration, where you would not even notice it. This does not mean, that it is absent.

  • Experience / knowledge of Search Engine behavour, would help to notice just how rampant this is, but its greatest effect is hardly on this narrow group - but could be, on a Societal level?

  • The development of "Apps" as they are generally understood - removes the burden of knowing where you are in an information scheme / epistemological sense.

  • Google, certainly discriminates, with Pages served from Ireland.


Historical Perspective

Aprl, the 10th, 2020. - Victor Hanson, American Classicist and Historian compares Covid 19 with previous emergencies.



Listen to Vincent, give a current Lecture on Antivirals


Payment to G.P.'s and Pharmacists.

  • Jan. '21 - "The government says deal with GPs and pharmacists will be seen as “good value for money” despite UK GPs getting paid £12 per jab administered.". While the Staturotory Instrument (Sheet 4) lays out 120 Euros per hour for a G.P., versus a stingy 70 Euros per hour for a Pharmacist in Ireland?

    GlP.'s in Ireland, are the highest paid , per vax., in Europe and are not compelled to take the jab?

    gp vaccine payments

 Risk from Covid '19

  • November, 2022. I.F.R "Age-stratified infection fatality rate of COVID-19 in the non-elderly population"
  • Risk of catching Covid, by Age Group vid.  and factors which might change that risk.

  • "The household transmission rate for SARS-CoV-2 is around one in 10 "

  • Naturally, there are gradations of Risk, and the uppermost seems to be Death.

    To help evaluate this Risk, the Infection Fatality  Ratio, should be a go-to metric, if it exists.

    ifr calculation

    The Diamond Princess,  returned some estimates - tightly housed, mainly Old /not Young/, shared ventilation, and kept together for long enough to either recover or not.

    John P A Ioannidis, has done a few of these estimates, and is unusual th that he hasn't been Censored yet, and some of his work appears on the W.H.O. website - estimating Mortality from Covid '19.

    It was well-known and accepted that Sars Cov 2 , was of particular concern to particular Age Groups. 

    While the U.k. were clear in earlier policies, that they did not wish to discrimate against particular groups, they agreed to to temporarily socialise the risk if you will..

    The Irish Government, never expressed this Social attiitude, but simply made the Pulblic beleive that the actual risk, was distributed. throughout age groups, but didn't explicitly include Children. Until, it has been made clear, that Children depite risk to them, are to be Vaccinated (Sept. 3rd. '21).

    The Case Fatality Ratio is intermixed with I.F.R. on Media, paid by the Taxpayer. The must-be-deliberate use of P.C.R. to Mass Test, allied with Media injections pointing the Irish Population to associate "Cases" with death potential. Yet throughout our multiple "Case" Spikes, the median Age of a Covid Death, is stable at circa 83? So, half are older than that.

    The now long-lating Testing Regime, is highly deceptive.

    But the take-home message is still the same as early in 2020 - the risk of Death is lower, than that of Influenza - hitherto, not high enough for a rational justification to Vaccinate Children against the Flu?

    The Irish Mindset, has been recalibrated, by the Irish State, with the Tax Payer's Money and without a Referendum.  See McDowell.

  •  May 2020 - As Borders have not closed and the U.K. is a Neighbour, then this footage of a statement by Patrick Whitty, is relevant to Ireland? It can only be irrelevant, if transmissibily is not an issue? Or that virulence has increased - which no one is claiming as of Oct. '21.

  • Mar. 2nd. '21  - Variants - Isolate Variant and Strain - Vincent Racaniello.

  • The Reproduction Number - RO (R. Naught - "Estimates of the R0 of SARS-CoV-2 vary widely")

    Why the reproduction number, might be irrelevant.

  • risk ioannadis tmb

  • See early discoveries from Italy.

  •  "Overall, the study by Abu-Raddad et al. confirms that natural immunity can be relied upon to protect the populace from severe recurrent COVID-19 disease, and that vaccination is unnecessary."

    covid risk

  • "In plain language: The science is done: Covid-19 is a usual seasonal respiratory disease, like all the others, in terms of immunity and virulence. Everything else is cherry picking and obsession. (See my pinned post"

    covid risk

  • Survival Ratio, all ages - Lancet.

    ifr lancet table all ages

Zero Covid Ireland

You'd expect that a mature Person with only the basics of Epidemiology or Virology, would know better than attempt such a target? Not anymore.

  • Jan. 25th., '21 - Thomas Ryan, a darling Commentator on R.T.E., at that (extremely Media biased) time - "you treat every Case like a Murder".    which gives us an idea of the allowable level  (calibre) of Epidemiology in Ireland at that time. NOTE that a proper Expert in that field - Heneghan, was ignored in the Special Committee, a few months prior.

  • Aug. 13, '20

    "I will start by outlining the three reasons we are advocating for a zero-Covid island strategy. (Read more) " Prof. Patricia Kearney.

    "These are strong adherence to hand hygiene and cough etiquette with regular hand washing, being really consistent with our physical distancing, the widespread use of masks,"  

     zero covid ireland

    Nov. 2nd, '20 (or before) from the Irish Examiner - “We need isolation facilities; that’s the sort of thing we need if we’re serious about getting rid of Covid-19 completely,”


Oct. 4th, '21 -  "New Zealand gives up trying to pursue ‘zero Covid’ strategy" - Independent.
                        "New Zealand on Monday abandoned its longstanding strategy of eliminating coronavirus" Times.



Nursing Homes, Ireland

Nursing Homes are known as Care Homes, in other Countries.


  • Metrics

    Trolley Watch - no. of People on Trolleys, an indicator of capactity.

  • Hospitals are not simply Buildings which concentrate Expertise, Hardware, Firmware, Machinery and devotion.

    They, must fight for funding, not just to exist but also to keep up with Medical Technologies. Where Funding is reliant on fickle and changing Governments, they must read ahead.

    Because they are Big Institutions in Ireland, Politics is never far away.

    We won't get into it in any detail, except to say that what we hear from either the Politician or the Administrator, cannot be the full Picture.

    The bottom line, is that the ONLY Metric which is nearest !00% accuracy, are the Number of Dead. People can see Burials, usually, and Paddy X from Townland X, is not dead without someone noticing - usually?

    Covid 19 is clearly unique in Irish History. Autopsies, have been generally suspended, but unusual too in that they are not demanded as often as they should/ could be? We don't know the Cause of Death, though we often didn't in earlier times either. Assumptions are made even by Families - and are close-enough for Society to continue. Anyways... Hospitals are never quiet, and can't be seen to be.

  • First week of 2020 ‘worst ever’ for hospital overcrowding " .......3,000 patients went without beds"

  • Jan. 31st, '20 - 12,000 on Trolleys [that Month alone] and- pre Covid.

  • Hospitals, usually have their own Laboratories and Tech. Staff - something which is not reflected in the collection of Specimens when it comes to Mass Testing of the Community.

  • Sept. the 21th, 2019 - Irish Times - "More than one million people on hospital waiting lists, say consultants 
    This is curious as we hear that we still have a Million on waiting lists in Oct. '21, despite access to both Doctors and Hosptilas, has been limited for the past 19 Months? Hosptiatls, improve, without Patiets by the looks of it.

. Hospital Metrics,

I.C.U. (Intensive Care Unit)

Are I.C.U. Beds under pressure?
icu irealnd 2020till oct 2021


Flu / Influenza Virus in Ireland.


  • U.S. C.D.C. Data manipulation claim. Podcast, Kennedy and Rancourt , Jan. 2023  Pneumonia, counted as Flu, to sell Vaccines?
  • A lot ask about the Death Rate from the Flu, in Ireland.  "....200-500 deaths each year .."   ,  ..." In a severe season it may cause up to 1,000 deaths" - H.S.E.

  • "“This influenza season is exceptional since the creation of the Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System network in 1952,” it said. Ref. 

  • Global Death numbers, according to the W.H.O. -  290, to 600 Thousand.

  • 10,651 Deaths in Ireland from Influenza in 1918.

    Something to chew-on (not Ireland specific) - "Regarding 1918, the event was devastating for the age groups 15-24 years and 25-34 years, much less so for the age groups 35-44 years and 45-54 years, and virtually undetected for those 55 years and older, which would be very surprising for influenza. In fact, we know that most of the deaths were associated with massive bacterial lung infections (Morens et al., 2008) (Chien et al., 2009) (Sheng et al., 2011), in an era predating antibiotics, in a period massively perturbed by a world war, and that the event was concomitant with typhoid epidemics in Europe and Russia." . See Fauci, also.

  • 2019 /2020. 110 deaths so far.

  • 2018/2019.   97

  • 2017/2018    261

  • 2016/2017    95

  • 2015/'16       84

  • 2014/'15       66

  • '13/'14          58

  • The Flu / Influenza, almost disappeared from existence, over 18 Months, in Ireland. 

    "The CSO also noted that the Health Protection Surveillance Centre reported that no influenza, RSV or acute respiratory infection (ARI - excluding Covid-19) outbreaks were notified to HPSC during the 2020/2021 season to date." R.T.E.

Flu in Ireland
Where, we see a dramatic rise in Covid Deaths (above), and a highly dramatic reduction in Inluenza (below.

flu ireland decline tmb

No Flu in Ireland

Where did the Flu go, from Ireland.

where did the flu go ireland

Underlying Conditions, Covid Deaths.

March 11th,, 2020 - First Death,  and elderly Female.

The Official Data for this, can usually be found at the H .P.S.C. (Health Protection Surveillance Centre )with the recent exception being the Hacking Incident where this was not published between June 1st of 2021 and August the 12th, 2021.

The Median age of a Covid Death, has consistently stayed at 83, through to Sept. 2021. Half are older, and half, younger.

Jan. 2022 -  "Of all deaths in the pandemic, 84.5 per cent had underlying conditions," 
underlying ireland covid

Sept. 30th, 2021. "The HPSC said the total number of deaths in Ireland from the pandemic is 5,249. Over 86% of those who have died had underlying conditions." - R.T.E.   
Apr. 18th, 2021  -  "

Covid deaths data skewed by other illnesses, says Mayo coroner" - Times.

July 3rd, 2020 -"Hiqa found the officially-reported Coivd-19 deaths “likely overestimates” the true burden of excess deaths caused by the virus."

covid death sept 2021


 Vaccine Efficiency.

  • "Testing a subset of these low-Ct samples revealed infectious SARS-CoV-2 in 15 of 17 specimens (88%) from unvaccinated individuals and 37 of 39 (95%) from vaccinated people. To determine whether infectious virus titers differed in vaccinated and unvaccinated persons, we performed plaque assays on an additional set of 48 samples with Ct <25, finding no difference in infectious virus titer between groups."  https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.07.31.21261387v5

  • See Pfizer

  • "Implementing ‘vaccine passports’ is pure political propaganda, not science. “Effectiveness declined gradually thereafter, with the decline accelerating after the fourth month to reach approximately 20% in months 5 through 7 after the second dose.

  • Impossible to achieve immunity  - Byram Bridle

  • A Statistical Experiment - Prof. of Computer Science, Martin Neil, which centres around lag time and its effect.   - a Statistical Illusion.

  • Nov. 17th, 2021 - "The available data offers slender evidence for vaccine efficacy and none for effectiveness."
    David Healy,, a psychiatrist, scientist, psychopharmacologist

    PDF and great read  , Covering Mandates, availability and historic availability of Data and how that can be obscured - Risk /Benefit, Legal and Regulatory consttraints, R.C.T.'s  and Pharmacovigilance, etc..

  • "A study of 18k nursing home residents clearly showed that, if you include the first 14 days there was no difference in infection rates between the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups. Instead the grey area for vaccinated gets compared to grey and black for unvaccinated" - Clare Craig.

    craig vaccine effectiveness

    "The trick the vaccine manufacturers have played is the equivalent of crediting a swimming teacher after throwing the students into the ocean and then looking away for two hours before seeing how well they can swim."
          Link to full thread above -  You have been lied to..

Relative versusAbsolute.

  • use absolute fda tmb
          "Provide absolute risks, not just relative risks. Patients are unduly

    influenced when risk information is presented using a relative risk

    approach; this can result in suboptimal decisions. Thus, an absolute risk

    format should be used." - The F.D.A. (Food and Drugs Adminstration -U.S..

    Such distinction, is not known of, amongt the Vaccinated, that I know of (Dec. '21) which questions the notion of informed consent?

  • Video
        Another one, with greater depth, detail, examples  and Forumalae for Calculation - Fenton.

  • Nov. 2nd. '21. Peter Doshi questions the Efficiency claims that were made in the outset.  ( Anti Vaxxer, Vaccine definition change,)

    Long form Video, over 3 hours with multiple speakers. (Dr. Retsef Levi, on Booster efficacy, problems with Studies, safety concerns, Cardiac Arrest, loss of Science.).

  •  Based on data reported by the manufacturer for Pfzier/BioNTech vaccine BNT162b2, this critical appraisal shows: relative risk reduction, 95.1%; 95% CI, 90.0% to 97.6%; p = 0.016; absolute risk reduction, 0.7%; 95% CI, 0.59% to 0.83%; p < 0.000. For the Moderna vaccine mRNA-1273, the appraisal shows: relative risk reduction, 94.1%; 95% CI, 89.1% to 96.8%; p = 0.004; absolute risk reduction, 1.1%; 95% CI, 0.97% to 1.32%; p < 0.000. Unreported absolute risk reduction measures of 0.7% and 1.1% for the Pfzier/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, respectively, are very much lower than the reported relative risk reduction measures. Reporting absolute risk reduction measures is essential to prevent outcome reporting bias in evaluation of COVID-19 vaccine efficacy (Brown 2021).evaluation of COVID-19 vaccine efficacy (Brown 2021)."

  • See the first few minutes of the following which explores Absolute versus Relative, in the Context of Masks - but the concept is the same?   The potential Attack Rate, has a bearing?

  • Pfizer   July, 28th, 2021 -  See Table S4  from which the relative risk ratio was derived.  

    1 Death in the Placebo Group ( 21,921 participants) versus Zero in the Vaccinated Group ( 21,926 participants), can be ezpressed as 100% efficiency.

    table s4 pfizer study


 Vaccination in Ireland.

  • The Official Data Publisher on Adverse Side Effects of the Vaccines, in Ireland, is the H.P.R.A. (Health Products Regulation Authortiy )

    National Statistics, Information & Data

  • The nationwide rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine to nursing home residents and staff will commence on January 11th, [2021]

  • 3,456,116 2 Dose Vaccines administed by Oct., 2nd, '21

  • What is a Vaccine, or what is not?

    what is a vaccine

  • Oct. 8. Ireland’s medicines watchdog has received reports of 80 people suffering a form of heart inflammation after getting a Covid-19 vaccine. -  Indo..

  • See Children.

  • No effort is made to establish prior or cross immunity, which can easily done.

  • Specifically to Galway City -"Covid in Ireland: Ballybrit racecourse to become mass vaccination centre as minister targets 50,000 doses in a week". Feb. 12th, 2021

 Vaccine Rollout in Ireland


hpra sept9 2021

       ^ Many Irish are not even aware that People have died - at least in part, due to the Vaccine. With mass Censorship, a disregard for "Informed Consent", and Blanket-buying of the Media - how could they be aware?

"A total of 1,543 people have died due to Covid-19 in nursing homes, with 369 of those having occurred in the month of January". (2021).

vaccine payments to G.P.'s

      ^ Are G.P's well paid to administer Vaccines in Ireland? Are they obliged to either take them, themselves, or report them to the http://www.hpra.ie/homepage/medicines/covid-19-updates/safety-monitoring-of-covid-19-vaccines ?

  • May 2020 - As Borders have not closed and the U.K. is a Neighbour, then this footage of a statement by Patrick Whitty, is relevant to Ireland? It can only be irrelevant, if transmissibily is not an issue? Or that virulence has increased - which no one is claiming as of Oct. '21.

  • May 2022. 
    vaccinated may'2022 ireland



Jan., '2022 -
There is no "omicron era".
There is only dissolving lies.
None of the mass tests are specific to any presumed mutation, and mutations do not measurably change anything
omicron jan 16 2022

Is it specifed, on you so-called P,C.R.  Positive Test, that Omicron is retturned or assumed in Ireland ?



  • Aka - nphet -  National Public Health Emergency Team.

    Dr. Kevin Kelleher  -  quick History



  • Steven Hicks - Audiobook - Nietzsche and the Nazis - foccussing more on Ideology, and whatever righteousness that may come from it.

  • Peter McCullough, May '22. 
    "Many recognizable examples of mass formation. Here is one: accept novel genetic product with no long-term safety assurances to prevent an infection every six months, get the infection, and continue taking the same product, get infection again. No questions, no stopping point."
    mass formation

Breakthrough Infections.

  • From the first of April to 9th. of Oct.. -   • 155/369 (42.0%) of the notified deaths had an epidemiological date1 14 days or more after receiving all recommended doses of vaccine and are considered as vaccine breakthrough infections – see technical note.
    One hundred and fifty-five of those who died had an epidemiological date of COVID-19 infection 14 days or more after receiving all recommended doses of COVID-19 vaccine, therefore there are 155 breakthrough infections1 between April 1st andOctober 9 th , 2021. Of these one hundred and fifty-five individuals: • 94 were male and 61 were female. • 17 died in October 2021, 78 in September 2021, 50 in August 2021 and 10 between 1st April 2021- 31st July 2021. • Median age was 82 years (range: 35 to 99 years); Mean age was 81 years. • 98 persons (63.2%) were reported on CIDR to have an underlying medical condition. 2
    breakthrough cases ireland october '21

  • Nov. 27th. '21 - Immunology - Sucharit Bhakdi - Vaccines, are doomed to fail.


"Acting Chief Medical Officer,  Dr. Ronan Glynn stated that they've no information to impart to those administering the Vaccines, regarding  efficacy, transmission, length of protection, side-effects or need for Boosters"  - Dr. Gerry Waters, from that Video..
Martin Feeley -   ".......no potential for doing good, and huge potential for doing harm"
Dr. Vincent Caroll - "According to the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency ( H.P.R.A.  - U.K.) , the risk to your Child of an adverse event is 8,000 times greater than any benefit".




Astrazeneca - aka, Vaxzevria

  • April 14, 2021  -  In world first, Denmark ditches AstraZeneca's COVID-19 shot  - Reuters.

  • These vaccines are based on a defective version of an adenovirus, a double-stranded DNA virus that causes the common cold.

Johnson and Johnson

A.K.A. - Janssen  (Ad26.COV2.S)  ....  made up of another virus (of the adenovirus family) that has been modified to contain the gene for making a protein found on SARS-CoV-2.



Informed Consent.

Definitions / Policies, can change of course, and depend on Jurisdiction, of course.


"In order to give valid, informed consent, a person should be provided with written information in advance. Information should be provided in a format accessible for that person and translation/interpretation support should be made available as required. In the context of vaccination for Sars-CoV-2, the HSE Vaccination Leaflet should specify the vaccine being given. As a general principle, all material risks and benefits of the vaccine must be disclosed. Additionally, in relation to Covid-19 vaccination such information should include individual as well societal benefits that may be conferred by ‘herd immunity’."


"There are three components to informed consent:
1. Adequate information: The patient must have sufficient information to ‘make a choice’, as without adequate information to make a decision any consent given would not be valid.
2. Capacity: The patient must have the capacity to understand and make the decision in question.
3. Voluntary: The patient must be able to give their consent freely and without coercion"..  Read the full document - medisec.ie


"The basic difference between consent and informed consent is the patients’ knowledge behind the consent decision. Informed consent requires the patient to understand the diagnosis and uncertainties about it as well as the different treatment options (including doing nothing) and their advantages, disadvantages and achievable outcomes" - U.K. , BJMP, 2009.


Consent and Communication - Dr Brenda Corcoran, National Immunisation Office (Ireland).


  • "Following concerns about the strategic use of fear inflation, shaming and scapegoating to promote compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, the British Psychological Society (BPS) could see nothing amiss......


1. Human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms are to be fully respected.

2. The interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science or society.

Article 4 – Benefit and harm

In applying and advancing scientific knowledge, medical practice and associated technologies, direct and indirect benefits to patients, research participants and other affected individuals should be maximized and any possible harm to such individuals should be minimized.

Article 5 – Autonomy and individual responsibility

The autonomy of persons to make decisions, while taking responsibility for those decisions and respecting the autonomy of others, is to be respected. For persons who are not capable of exercising autonomy, special measures are to be taken to protect their rights and interests.

Article 6 – Consent

1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.



E.M.A.,  The European Medicines Agency.

sowell stupid

England and Wales. 

Campaign began circa Dec. 8th, 2020.


wales and england deaths.


    ^  Sept. 10, 2021 . Another dramaticically obvious , Vertical Line  in common with Ireland?



 " Over 1 million Israelis who haven’t had 3rd dose to lose Green Pass on Sunday". 28th of Sept., 2021


  • "For instance, in a report released from the Ministry of Health in Israel, the effectiveness of 2 doses of the BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech) vaccine against preventing COVID-19 infection was reported to be 39% [6], substantially lower than the trial efficacy of 96%"  See More

  • Two thirds of Confirmed Cases are fully Vaccinated. - McCullough, via the C.D.C..

    mccullough vaccine failure

  • Sept. 30th, '21.   "Israelis have told us, that Boosters are really working".  COVID booster could give 'three year protection' - Luke O'Neill - Y.T. Video 

israel sept 29, 2021
At least 1.5 million Israelis lost their Green Passes as the new rules kicked in on Sunday, according to the Jerusalem Post,  
Israel has revoked all Green Passes issued to date

Oct. 23rd, '21.  A fascinating account of the situation in Israel from the Lady who set up her own Reporting Platform for adverse effects, because their is no Official one.     They discuss the Orthodox Jewish Population and make comparisons to the Amish Community - both culturally self-isolated through preference.



March the 18th, 2020      99%of those who died from the Virus, had other illness -Bloomeberg.  Average Age of 79.5

99 percent italy died from other illness


November 3rd, '21 - The Italian Higher Institute of Health had adjusted downwards its estimate of the number of people who’ve died from Covid, as opposed to with Covid, from over 130,000 to under 4,000.




Mar, 15th, 2020 - the first Covid Case (s). See the Theodore Rossevelt , on Wikpedia and new Window. The importance points are the Epidemiology and date.

    The U.S., 


Oct. 24th, '21 - "Shockingly, there was a massive epidemic or co-epidemic of pneumonia in the USA in the COVID-era, according to CDC data (CDC, 2021a) (Figure 34), which is never mentioned in the media and essentially not on the radar in the medical research literature. To the extent that there is COVID-19 over-assignation, it may represent up to 100 % of the COVID-era excess deaths from respiratory causes. It would not be the first time that the actual cause of a large epidemic is bacterial infection rather than the 122 presumed viral pathogen (Morens et al., 2008) (Chien et al., 2009) (Sheng et al., 2011)."

pnuemonia covid


Unfortunately, there is good News, and very bad news, in the following -  depending on how carefully you read it?
pnuemonia covid good news

Antibiotic use, in the U.S. -
(We are surely different from them, and have our own Tax Payer funded Experts, who can think for themselves to protect the Citizens of Ireland?
antibiotics covid
From the same Paper, below -
antibiotics for covid
    In Fance too, it appears that they stopped using Antibiotics and presumed that it was the Viral Infection [Covid]

"During 2020, the United States reported the lowest number of TB cases (7,174) and lowest incidence rate (2.2 cases per 100,000 persons) on record"
tb 2020 us


vaers sept 17 2021

 C.D.C. -  Previous data on all vaccine breakthrough cases reported to CDC from January–April 2021 are available.



Social Apartheid, in Ireland.

  • idealists
  • Introduced in Ireland - Sept. 6h, 2021.

  • Dec. the 5th., '21 - "Taoiseach says 'clear as daylight' unvaccinated people jeopardising themselves and others" - a blatant lie.

    martin clear

  • Oct. '21 - Joe O Shea, gives his balanced view on the unvaxxed.
  • 3rd of Dec., '21. - 50 medical and legal professionals have signed an open letter - 

    "We the undersigned healthcare and legal professionals, vaccinated and unvaccinated in relation to Covid-19, condemn the current legal discrimination against unvaccinated persons as a shocking and degrading violation of human rights."  Download this document

  • Dec. 3rd, '21 - Catherine Connolly on Discrimation    -  "never a homogenous Group" - "demonised" , Covid Passport.

  • "Conclusions As this field continues to develop, clinicians and public health practitioners should consider vaccinated persons who become infected with SARS-CoV-2 to be no less infectious than unvaccinated persons. These findings are critically important, especially in congregate settings where viral transmission can lead to large outbreaks.where viral transmission can lead to large outbreaks."

  • Irish T.D. - Peader Tobin - Nov. 24th, 2021 - No Scientific research into Covid Passports, to this date -

    no evidence for covid passport

  • Clearly a coercive move by the Irish Government, to vaccinate it's Population with any Product  which they deem fit. The unvaccinated are not allowed indoors. A Public House, is only for part of the Public, while Public House Staff seem to believe that they can be vaccinated or not.

  • You must eat in the Cold and Rain, or submit to the will of this State - which, by the looks of it - can do as they wish to meet their targets for whatever motives.

    vaccine hesistancy

  • "We must have a full debate in this House as we are responsible to the people regarding this medical apartheid which is going to be implemented by this Government. It is a shocking situation and is happening without any debate or discourse in this House."

    medical apartheid ireland

  • Ireland, has dispensed with earlier priciples of "informed consent", and the Nuremburg Code.

    "The reality is that I have never seen the floor of this House sullied by a Bill so repugnant to human rights and civil liberties. That it would be the policy of this Government to draw a line down this country and ever so graciously bestow on one cohort its erstwhile suspended rights, while continuing to limit the freedom of others, demonstrates the blatant lightness of regard towards the gravity of such an act. There has been much performative outrage recently over the drawing of certain historical comparisons on the authoritarian nature of this legislation. However, you do not need to look beyond the history of these shores to see the legacy of a divided people and a Government that treats some of its subjects as lesser." 

    The above is a small part of what Senator Sharon Keogan said on the 16th of July, 2021.  It is well worth a read. Alternatively, watch it on Y.T.

  • Jordan Peterson  - Sep. '21. The Justistifacation problem, with Mandatory Vaccinations. Vid.

  • See the Timeline of incremental events, which ultimately led to the Persecution of the Jews - one factor beign Public Helath.

  • Oct..  There is something wrong, in T.C.D.?

    hard view

  • October, the 14th - Senator Regina Doherty (Fine Gael) seems either clear on completing the Vaccination of the entire Population, or is very confused . She too, must have no faith in Natural / Cross Immunity/ the already infected and recovered - as well as having little faith that those already Vaccinated, should in theory be already protected? 

    it is shocking that 70,000 people got their first jab and did not bother showing up for whatever reason to get the second dose. What is really concerning is that because of the 300,000 people who may have made the conscious decision not to get a vaccine, we must now have a debate as to whether society will allow those 300,000 people who have made that personal choice to put everybody else's health in jeopardy.

  • Oct. 21st, '2021. Catherine Connolly speaks of Civil Liberties.

    Dec. 2nd.   Moronic, Idiotic 

  • European Law - freedom to travel, Vaccine Passports, etc..

    legal vaccine passports

  • "More than half of medical professionals decline annual influenza vaccination if given the choice. It is demeaning to assume that they are all uninformed or irresponsible.” Download "Ethics of vaccine refusal"  by Michael Kowalik, Independent Researcher

  • Philip McDunnough - Prof. Emeritus, Canada, says this, which also fits nicely with the Irish situation - "The Canadian situation is no longer about a virus, nor the EVs. In order to be rewarded with certain freedoms granted by the government, people have been willing to go along with coercion to receive treatments which a minority objects to. 

    The citizenry seems perfectly accepting of governments canceling the lives of those objecting. It is a softer, more genteel form of 1930’s events we once despised. Those who fulfill the requirements for limited freedoms don’t think twice as they attend the theatre, 

    board a plane, or enjoy fine dining. They see nothing wrong with the unwashed looking in from the outside with sadness & despair. After all, what stops them from fulfilling the requirements. No big deal, & it’s free. This prostitution to the state is horrific, amplified by EVd congregations praying that the unEVd be shown the way.

    We now live in one large bordello with music courtesy of the state, activities determined by the state & requirements for continued occupation set by it. We have experienced a complete takeover of our souls."

  •  Nov. 16th - Catherine Connolly shared her disgust at the way that Society is actively being divided, without discussion.

  • "The practice of ostracism .. is as old as the history of organized human societies. Powerful political actors and their courtiers have always despised the minority within the society who raise questions about their competence or legitimacy."

  • The Lancet - stigmatising the unvaccinated is not justified

  • An American / Australian conversation, where the vulnerable, cannot be exempt, from Vaccination? - Bret Weinsein video.

  • November, 2021 - Varadkar says 5pc unvaccinated ‘causing a lot of the trouble’ in Covid fight " -  https://www.independent.ie/world-news/coronavirus/varadkar-says-5pc-unvaccinated-causing-a-lot-of-the-trouble-in-covid-fight-41065615.html

    Another fine example, of manipulation/ coersion - as well as a denouncement of Herd Immuniy - from a  Doctor. .

  • "



Anthony Fauci.

The Irish / Ireland / NPHET, seem to behave as if we don't have any experts of our own, despite paying them, and follow the direction of Fauci if it suits them. It often does, for some reason.  See Robert Kennedy explain Masking in America under Fauci Rule.

Luke O Neill, supported this view of No evidence for the utiliity of Masks -
February 29th, '20. - Ryan Tubridy asks Luke "Are Face Masks, worth a damn? "  Y.T.
"There's no evidence at all, that it will stop you, catching the Virus".

 Jonathan Sumption

March of 2020. Lord Sumption on how we don't have to resign our Liberty into the hands of Scientists. Should Ireland's future, be left in the hands of N.P.H.E.T. for example.

"The first thing that we need to be clear about is what we mean by democracy. We are so familiar with its use as a general hurrah word that some definition seems necessary. What I mean by democracy is a constitutional mechanism for collective self-government. Democracy is a way of entrusting decision-making to people acceptable to the majority, whose power is defined and limited, and whose mandate is revocable.https://unherd.com/2021/11/when-fear-leads-to-tyranny/

Lord Jonathan Sumption 'A State of Fear" - Vid., October 2022



Sucharit Bhakdi

 Peter McCullough

A Cardiologist , Epidemiologist and Drug safety advocate.. Video October.
"As of September the 24th. [2021], 15,937 Amercans have died"
7 mutations in the Soike Protein of Delta.
"They don't work and they are not safe."

  • Jan., 2022 -  3 points, with policy decions anakgsjs/ - Omicrron,   -asymptomatic transfer

  • Dec., '2021 - On Mass Formation Psychosis.   See Psychology.

  • "These disturbances

    potentially have a causal link to neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, immune thrombocytopenia, Bell’s

    palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response and tumorigenesis."

    potential vax dangers

    mRNA vaccines promote sustained synthesis of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

    The spike protein is neurotoxic, and it impairs DNA repair mechanisms.

    Suppression of type I interferon responses results in impaired innate immunity.

    The mRNA vaccines potentially cause increased risk to infectious diseases and cancer.

    Codon optimization results in G-rich mRNA that has unpredictable complex effects.
    https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S027869152200206X )

Luke O Neill


Denis Rancourt. 

Michael McDowell.

Senator in Ireland, former Senior Counsel, and Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform.

  • May the 24th, 2020.  Video -  Sunset clause, failed, scandal, should be called out, Michaell McNamara.

    "N.P.H.E.T. was never really accountable to that Committee", referring to the Special Committe which was set up, ran in some way, and basically dispensed with.

    Unrelated to McDowell, it was that Special Committee who called-in Mr Carl Heneghan to get his expert opionon on the utility of Mask / Face coverings. Heneghan gave his opinion, to no awail.

Mattie Mc Grath

Mattie McGrath is an Irish Independent T.D.

  • July 14th, '21.

    "but when I asked Dr. Holohan in the Cabinet room - some of the Deputies present now were there on behalf of their groups - for a third time about the science around the closure of churches and the restrictions on numbers and the Taoiseach told him to answer me, he told me to listen, that we were dealing with a pandemic, that we would do the lockdown and that we would deal with the science later."

    "I also want a public inquiry - not done by people from Ireland, but from abroad - into the slaughter in the nursing homes and how people were afflicted in hospitals. I am not blaming the front-line staff. I am blaming the bad management and the fact that PPE could not be got for nursing homes. Oxygen that was en route to nursing homes was diverted away from them. If someone does not go to the Hague to face charges of crimes against humanity for that, I will give up. What happened is a shocking indictment."

Naturally Acquired Immunity

Something unprecedented occurred in '20, where it seemed that there was a concerted effort made by the Media and other Stake holders, to rubbish the notion that natural immunity was robust - that Vaccine Immunity was preferable and more robust. This Campaign was broadly sucessful.
However, it used to an integral part of classical Epidemiology - that is, before mid 2020.


All Cause Mortality. 


Vitamin D.



Special Committee on Covid 19 Response



Oxygen Concentrators / Generators.

At least 3 Oxygen Generators / Concentrators, were built in Ireland in 2020.  They use Air and filter out as much as they can, of the Molecules and Atams except Oxygen. This clearly is not impossible, but not simple and Argon  seems to be the most difficult.
One, finds its way to India.
oxygen machine covid

  • 2 Cold Storage Units, arrive on the 6th of April, 2020, but this Hospital is quite otherwise.

  • Great and long-overdue maintenance, is ongoing. 

  • "There were no patients waiting for beds at UHG's ED" - April, 2020

     Refrigerated Container


  • galway advertiser apr


Viral Delusion 

Christine Massey.

  • "Every institution without exception has failed to provide or cite even 1 record describing purification of the alleged virus from even 1 patient sample." 
    Twenty-one of the 22 Canadian institutions admitted flat out that they have no such records (as required by the Canadian legislation). Many institutions outside Canada have admitted the same, including the CDC (November 2, 2020), Australia’s Department of Health, New Zealand’s Ministry of Health, the UK Department of Health and Social Care…"
  • Index, of some Internatioal F.O.I. Requests.
  • Response from the U.S.C.D.C. to her F.O.I.A. request. Nov., 2020.


Mike Yeadon

 Has Sars Covi 2 been Isolated?