The Corrib Great Southern Hotel is the name of a now (2019) derelict Hotel in the Townland of Murrough, in Galway, Ireland. However, it used the Address of Renmore.

Hotel opens.

This was built in 1970 on a seven acre site, and still standing in 2020, with recent discussions about knocking it, with Galway City Coutncil.
So, it was a C.I.E. Hotel, and such buildings were integral in the Transport and Tourism Network,

This side of the City was expanding. Flannery's Hotel for example, was open in 1969, as was Ryan's (now the Connacht). Mervue Church, opens in 1968. Lurgan Park, Woodhaven, The G.M.I.T. and some of the Houses on the Ballybane Road, didn't exist.
While basically in the country side, but did have a growing local community, Merlin Park Hosptial next door, and some optimism. The Galway to Dublin Road, was a big boost and the nearest large boarding house to the east was where?
Digital, came to the Mervue industrial Estate in 1971. Steinbock opened in 1960.
Some access to State funding, was an advantage.
Industry, in Galway, was exploding, compared to previous speeds.

Gerry Barrett.

  • In 2006 , Gerry Barrett (himself a Galwayegian)  bought it and the Great Southern in Eyre Square for a combined price tag of an estimated 100 Million.
    • The Hotel had to remain open for a year, as a condition attached to its sale.
    • While he had it, it was called Corrib Heights.
    • He sold it, in 2015.
    • He Bought it from the Dublin Airport Authority - The D.A.A.

Comer and Mc Hale.

  • The Comer Group (Trigo Property) and Mc Hale (Welcorrib Limited) buy the Corrib Great Southern in 2015
  • They have it since.
  • .."It was beyond saving as a hotel.."
  • "buying the Corrib Great Southern hotel as part of a Galway portfolio for around 9
    million Euros" - according to Comer's Website.



 In 2011, the G.M.I.T. makes a conditional offer. Obviously, it didn't work out., for whatever reason. 

  • A.K.A. The Galway and Mayo Institute of Technology.
    • Previously known as the Galway Regional Tech. 
  • One of the Hotel's closest neighbours - on the opposite northern-western corner of the Skerritt  Roundabout / Junction.
  • Itself, opens in 1972.


 The Corrib Great Southern Hotel closed it doors in 2007 and not officially open since.

This is not to say, that nobody has been in it. It has a history of unsocial behaviour since its closure, and unofficial art work has been added. Intact Windows, have been subtracted, and unauthorised fires, have been lit.


  • Classified as a Derelict Site by Galway City Council in 2015.
    • They have a Map of such sites, which wasn't working?

Broken Windows

A number of Windows have been broken for years now, and all of those are unlikely to be weather related? The suspicion, is vandalism and anti-social behaviour. 

Rough looking

Windows, smashed.
Broken Windows, in the Corrib Hotel

By contrast, it was in good shape, in 2007.

Good condition
Good condition, 2007


  • July, 1997. Arson.
  • March, 2018.
  • February, 2020.

While these Fires were isolated enough, in that the Building was not ravaged on either occasion - any structural damage doesn't matter that much in terms of the Hotel's re-constitution. Comer, did say that it is beyond repair.
Even without Fires and weather damage, it is generally accepted that structures of this age (1970 ) are often deemed to be "not fit for purpose". And there is a lot of wisdom to these views - they are never going to be the right shape, design, size, safety and regulation specification - to suit modern requirements. It is entirely a different matter, where a structure is protected and a compelling case to preserve it, exists.
The Corrib Great Southern Hotel, is not known for its Stonework and Carvings. It is lamented more for its iconic position as being modern at the time, for its employment and social interactions, for its location and view, and for whatever romance was officiated and initiated there.

Aer Rianta.

Aer Rianta, was renamed the Dublin Airport Authority in 2004, but Aer Rianta owned this Chain of Hotels since 1990 and C.I.E. had it prior to that.

  • The Great Southern Hotel Group, (G.S.H.) was a subsidiary of the Dublin Airport Authority, in 2006.
  • The entire Chain (including the Corrib and Eyre Square), was put up for sale on the 17 th of May, 2006.
  • Gerry Barrett, then buys it.


  • Google Map - Aerial
  • Coordinates.   53.277470 , -9.006717
    • Elevation.  22 to 26 Metres.
  • Hardly, 2 Miles from Eyre Square, Galway.
  • East of the G.M.I.T. ( Galway R.T.C.) and West of the Merlin Park Hospital with the Housing Estate of Woodhaven, between them.
  • South of Castlepark and Ballybane.
  • This Hotel fronts onto the Galway to Dublin Road and the Ballybane Road (R865). A corner site, if you will.

  • North-east corner site beside the Skerrit Roundabout
  • Even at ground floor level, this site affords a fine view of Galway Bay, and across to County Clare. 
    Few premises were as plush, during its tenure and had fine function rooms to the front for Weddings, etc..
  • Multi Storey and built new. Modern enough looking.
  • It boasted over 160 Rooms.
  • It used a Slogan - "Elegantly Irish since 1845". The Great Southern Railway Company became C.I.E. in 1945 but the Great Southern and Western Railway operated since 1844, so this might be a reference to that.
  • Offered, a Car Park for 360 Cars. By some arrangement, the Galway Clinic of Doughiska used these facilities for a while.

Swimming Pool

It had a 14 Metre heated Swimming Pool (rare enough), Gym and Sauna, while some of the Rooms had Jacuzzis. 
Locals used to find a way, to get into this Pool?

Conference Centre.

Recognised, as having a fine Conference Centre.


There was a Lounge, separate to the Bar, by the name of Slylights. These sorts of names, were not unusual in that era.

Candlelite Nite

An advertisement from 1976. Presumably, a romantic event?

Romance in the Corrib Great Southern

O Malley's

O Malley's was the name of the Pub - open to the public.

Swedish Masseuse.

An Ad in the Galway Advertiser from 1971, for the services of a Swedish trained Masseuse, a novelty at the time, I suppose? Regardless of where the training came from.

Masseuse in the Corrib Great Southern in 1971

The Currach

he Restaurant was called the Currach  (type of boat), for a time Positioned to the front - facing Galway Bay and the Dublin Road (R338)


c.g.s.h. 2018

Plaque, 2009. 53.277771, -9.008264


Corrib Great Southern Hotel, Galway, 2009
Corrib Great Southern Hotel, Galway, 2009


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