Cloonacauneen Castle is just one of the many Castles in Castlegar Galway.

It is also one of our true Heritage assets, unique in that it is adapted to embrace modernity as well.

Coordinates for Cloonacauneen Castle: 53.322849, -8.988361

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  • Townland - Cloonacauneen (lawn of the little tribute) -
  • This is a Limestone structure featuring Four storeys and a square tower house built around the year 1450 with an extension added around 1855.
  • This was Martin Blake Country (1835 ish) - probably owned by Faire , for a while.
  • The property later passed into the hands of Mr Fair "who built against it a Tudor house", his descendant Dr Fair of Ballinasloe sold it to the Estates Commissioners". Ref. from Library. A House against a Tower House, looks the case, today.
  • Renovated around 1963 and many times since, most likely. (ref. Council in P.D.F.).
  • This Castle doesn't have the Grandiosity of Ashford, but has a lot more intimacy - a quality which makes it popular for parties, Civil Marraiges and other family unions.
  • Food is offered today, in its Restaurant.
  • Immediately North, is an old bog which stretches to the Headford Road. This offers some insight into the great engineers of the past who could position a heavy Castle so close to a bog, but not on it.
  • South of the Cloonacauneen Castle, is the old Holy Well of Tober RĂ­ Doney (Toberreendoney - Well of the King of Sunday). To its West is the other Holy Well of Tobermacduaigh.
  • Corinthians Rugby Club is to the South.
  • Cloonacauneen Castle is in the Townland of Cloonacauneen, East of Pollkeen and North East of Killeen.

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The Linehan's must get credit for the restoration of this Castle.

They sold it to Heffernan who added to that effort.

June, 2022.  Ukrainans are resident. Natives, say, that there was no consultation.