We have a number of Churches in Castlegar. Please click on the links for specific information;

  • Saint Columba 's - known as Castlegar Church
  • Coolough - Saint Peter and Paul church serving the Menlo and Ballindooley areas
  • The Good Shepherd - serving the communities in the Doughiska, Roscam and southern parish areas
  • Ancient structure in the North West of Carrowbrowne?
  • Potez, Mervue. Facilties used for a time.
  • Read a News Letter from 1969
  • Ruins of a Church in Roscam - 53.264160, -8.984759
  • The Old Castlegar Church - Roughly 120 metres (400 feet) North of the Castlegar School yard. 53.302825 , -9.019212
  • A house in Menlo, was used as a Church for a time, in the mid 1800's.
  • A Chapel, now ruined, may be in the South of Ballintemple ?
  • A Church is drawn on the Down Survery Project Map, in the Kiltullagh region, around 1670
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Ballinfoyle, Renmore, and Mervue are no longer within the parish and now have their own venues.


Old Parish Priests, houses.

Cannon Hyland had a fine residence on the Tuam road, where Monaghan's Garage now stands.