A very happy New Year to all. Should you and the family take a walk any Sunday afternoon on the link road between Mervue and Renmore, you will see that the work
on the new Church is progressing very well. The foundations are now dug and and the concrete is about to be poured in - so in a short time the work will be appearing above ground.
Messrs. Sisk, the builders ( this Firm also built the Galway Cathedral ) ,  say that the Church will be finished in about 78 weeks and the contract price is in the region
 of £160,000. Their Foreman, Mr. Martin Connolly of Shantalla,  is sparing no efforts to speed up the work,  and our own Clerk of Works, Mr. Joe Coyne,  Terryland,
tells us everything is now going full steam ahead. About 20 men are so far working on the site half that number are from our own Parish.   No definite date or plans for the laying of the 
Foundation Stone has been fixed yet, but you will hear immediately when some-thing has been settled.  Many parishioners often ask me,   "How is the Envelope Collect-ion going?"  and the
answer is,  "Everything considered, very well indeed. "   So far it has brought in something in the region of £2,000, and it promises to be better as the parishioner realize it's our main source of revenue, 
and how important it is for each one to be generous each week and to make sure that it is always ready for the Collector when he calls.  A branch of the men's  Committee
has now decided to visit each family in the parish,  to explain the progress of the Building programme, to offer thanks to the people for their continued support and generosity 
and to answer any questions that may be raised.  I know you will be glad to see the men calling and they will be our ambass-adors of thanks to all our parishioners.  Any questions you might wish to ask or any
suggestions you would care to make,  the men will be glad to hear.

             *********                                                                  ************

The Schools:    The Plans for both Schools ( Girls and Boys) have now been passed and the grant sanctioned, and the Quantity Surveyor is to advertise any day now.
Within one month of that advertisement appearing the contract for the Schools should be signed.

The Cashel Circle:    In October last the Committee very kindly  handed over to us a cheque for £1,000 and very shortly another cheque for the same amount will be coming.
Our deep thanks to the men and ladies of this Committee  ( you will always find them on Monday nights,  8p.m. Holy Family School ) who are doing such wonderful work for us.
Come to think of it, this is the only Galway Pool there is, and during its life-time of three years it has poured into this parish and City something like £6,000 in prize money.
Should you take a fancy to a Pool - this should be your choice. Would you like to work on it,?  - get in touch with me.

The Events Committee:   These are the good ladies and men who are always planning something new to help our Building Fund.
Every Tuesday night at 8p.m., they meet in Plunkett Avenue, and by the end of their year they will have handed to the Fund about £1,500.
The 'Tops of the Town' will be their next event and there is nothing they are not prepared to try. Why not come along and give a hand?  -  you are most welcome.

I hope I will see you at our second Annual Parish Dinner-Dance,  January 31st.  in the Railway Hotel ....24/-. It's going to be a great night and if one can judge from last year the place will be packed.
Do come if you possibly can.

         It will not be long until you have another letter.
                                Keep the Building Programme in your prayers.
                                         Sincerely Yours, 
                                                        J.J. Hyland, P.P.
                                                        J,   O'Connor,  C.C.


  • The Text above has been re-typed, to suit modern Browsers and this webpage. 
  • It is a copy of a Newsletter, found in a Salthill Attic, in 2014 (ref. - Vinnie).
  • You can download a scanned image of that Newsletter, embedded in a P.D.F. - to examine it better?
  • Is it a Draft? Don't know, but is both harmless and informative at the same time.
  • What is that thing after the "Railway Hotel" ? Don't know - maybe it is the price, in old money format? See the P.D.F. if interested in analyzing that element.
  • In 1967, Mass was held in the  Potez Canteen, prior to the completion of the New Church in Mervue - Saint James's. (ref. P.B.)
  • Same Era, as the existence of S.P.S. Factory and Crown Control also.