A Graveyard / Cemetry, exists in the Townland of Carrowbrowne, and is one of many Graveyards in the Parish of Castlegar, Galway.


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    • Coordinates -     53.317752 , -9.017262°
    • Enterance coordinates  -    53.318469 ,    -9.018097
    • So, even if you think that you are lost, you may be close.
  • Elevation; 44 feet. ( 13 Metres).
  • Just under a kilometre North-East of Ballindooley Cross and South of the Galway to Headford Road (N84)
  • Rumours are expanding that the "New" Graveyard to replace "The New Cemetry", Bohermore Galway, may be positioned here also.
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carrowbrowne graveyard

  •  Despite the rustic environment - this was a busy area a while ago, with a Former Castle and National School to the North.