• Carrowbrowne Castle is in the Townland of Carrowbrowne, and is one of many Castles, locally.
  • Aka - carra browne, and carrabrowne.
  • Coordinates; 53.317156 , -9.025905
  • South East of theVillage.
  • Built by David and his Son  Aymer le Brun. Aumer did not move into this Castle until 1442, so it must have been before that.
    • Both descendants of Hugh Le Brun,


    • Geoffrey, associated with Galway and not Carrowbrowne. (1548 - 1608 )
    • Doninick  
    • Geoffrey
      •  Colonel Dominick Browne (1630 - 1672 ) 


    • "In 1786 Wilson refers to Carrowbrowne as the seat of Mr. Blake"  These Blakes were from Dunmacrina in Mayo and were leasees. Walter died in 1770 and his brother, a Doctor Anthony Blake (1705 - 1787) lived here until his death which gives us some indication. This Anthony was the Roman Catholic Archibishop of Armagh..

    • A Limestone Structure, with bits and pieces added by the Blakes.
    • There is really nothing to see now, and you would have to be told what it is and was. The Photo below must be old, as it is worse than that?





  • castle in 1840

    carrowbrowne castle in 2020

    another castle angle



    The following P.D.F. suggests that this (Qwarown Browne ) Castle was owned by O Nolan, sometime in the early 14th Century - http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nolenancestry/ohuallachain_nolan_castles_of_ireland.pdf(open in new window), and it contains an image.

    Shown on a map in 1890, as in ruins ...See more

    This Castle is associated with the Browne's - Geoffrey.

    His Daughter married Sir Valentine Blake, the 3rd Baronet of the Menlough Blakes. See Menlo Castle.