• Henry William Arthur Wyndham Stanhope Sharp Waithman. 
  • Lived in the Estate of Merlin Park, Galway, and later to Murrough House, circa 1945.
  • Born June the 15th, 1887 - Died 1975 at a respectable 88 years.
  • His Father - William Sharpe
  • His Grandfather - Robert William
  • His Wife  - Eileen O Driscoll - married in 1942. After his passing,  she moved towards Merlin again, and lived in a Timber structure on the north side of the Galway to Dublin Road, until her passing. See image below - coordinates -  53.275846 ,  -8.983494 
  • His Sister - Eva Pansy Melicent Philippa Stanhope
  • His first wife - married in 1913.
  • To become a temporary Lieutenant - 1915 , and later, an honorary Captain.
  • Mechanically minded, and motivated.
  • A local story is that a primitive test was done at Pulavurleen (Sandy River / Terryland), to determine where exactly the Water there, disappeared to. The same story has it that the Shaff used in this test, emerged at or near, Waithman's Pier - the Pier attached to Murrough House.
  • Colonel Timoney, the O.C. at the Army Barracks in Renmore, was killed by a bolt of Lightning, when on his way by bicycle to visit Waithman?
  • The Pier.

Eileen O Driscoll (and later, Waithman)

  • We have an Eileen, resident in Newtownsmith, Galway. Age 11 in  the 1911 Census.
    • Natives, associate her with Bohermore ?
  • 1900 - '97. Another respectable Age of 97.
  • Some locals to Galway, would Fish around Murrough and bring her Mackerel which she enjoyed.
    • They, didn't notice any Snobbery, or Gentry attitude, and liked the Woman.

 A regional newsletter from the Gort area in 1983 - "  Just two weeks older than Pat was the very lively lady Mrs. Eileen Waithman of Merlin Park whose late husband was a grandnephew of Lady Greg-ory. (she has erected a monument to her relative in Craughwell's Garden of Remembrance), Doctor E. N. Feeney-Casserly came from Renmore and Tony Morrissey"   .........." Mrs. Eileen Waithman (83) made a great speach on behalf of the parish of Craugh- well,"

  • That was Dr. Ellen Casserly, originally from Two Mile Ditch, and later of the Family Doctor practice in Renmore. Dr. Grace Doyle, has it now.

Robert William

  • The National Archives show us that he, as head of the family, was resident at number 7, Lower Dominick Street, along with his wife, Arabella ( Persse ). He was 73, and she was 51, and that year was 1901.
    • They married in 1891.
  • 1827 - 1914, and came from the House in Moyne where Mr. Ganley resides now. See Dynamic Map.
  • D.L. (Deputy Lieutenant 
  • Wikipedia, has Robert as Sheriff in 1885?
    • "In Galway the office of High Sheriff was established when Connacht was shired around 1569 and ceased to exist with the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922."

William Sharpe

  • Justice of the Peace in Galway. D.L., High Sheriff in 1884.
  • Captain of the Galway Royal Artillery Militia
  • Married to Lady Leicester Phililppa Stanhope. NOTE,  how forenames are selected, and that Philippa's Father was Charles Wyndham .... and that Murrough House had a personal name, not unlike that.
  • 1853 - 1922

  • Father to Henry William Arthur Wyndham Stanhope Sharp.
  • High Sheriff of Galway, 1902 ?

Arabella Persse

  • Robert William's second Wife, and Sister to Lady Gregory (Wyndham's Grandfather's Wife's Sister)
  • 1850 - 1924 . 
  • They got married in 1891


Waithman's Pier.

  • Coordinates -     53.268605 ,   -9.002458
  • Elevation -         4 metres.

 Mrs Waithman's House, Merlin

Mrs Waithman's Cottage, Merlin Park

 Waithman's House, Murrough

Murrough House, former residence of the Waithman's