Canon J.J. Hyland was the Parish Priest in Castlegar, Galway, for 15 years.

Naturally, he was a Priest before the status of Canon, and therefore also known as Father Hyland.

  • He's buried in the Grotto in Castlegar, and the Headstone reveals his Age, and years served as the Parish Priest. Born in 1903, and died in 1985.
  • He was one of others, who Blessed Thermo King, in 1976.
  • He lived in a tall two- storey House, on the Tuam road, Glenanail,  around  53.293169°,   -9.018421 (Map) - West, of Nee's Filling Station. A distinctive residence, with unpainted plaster and green fascia. This House seemed Gothic in style? Have Google Earth? Download a KMZ of that House location.
  • As was common practice at that time, this residence was complete with a Housekeeper.
  • This property was sold to Cuniffe later, and knocked a decade or so later again.
  • Remembered for Himself, his large Horse, his Car and one of the rare "High Nellies" with a Bell on it.
  • Parish Priest in Salthill in the 1950's - See the blessing of the Diving Board (new window).
  • Read a News Letter from 1969.
  • Was one of the Horses called Bella?
  • Some Parishioners were not too happy with the various seasonal "Dues", and the tactics used to extract such monies - this couldn't have been much different in any other Parish? Contributions and Family Names, were read from the Altar. There was a different kind of Pride, back then.
  • A decent Man. He (someone in his position rather), had a lot of power at the time and could have been tyrannical - he wasn't.