Some images of the Spellman Boreen Festival, brought to you by Connect Castlegar

Total Photos come to a whopping 240 MB's, so we must break them up into different pages. We may be able to Zip (compress) more of them. Anne Mc Cabe, Public Relations Officer, for Connect Castlegar, may be able to fix you up with a disc of total images?

^ Excellent shot of an old Castle, sheltering young dancers from the wind.



^ Rural trad. session, blocking the gap with sound.

^ Like a movie scene 


Happy people, including the chap with the long face and blue colour.

North East Face of the Castle, flower pots, leather skinned drums and the makers of all; people.

^ Local observers, including the former Mayor of Galway; a Ballindooley man - Tom Costelloe.

Daytime acoustic in the dark setting of the mobile platform opposite the Castle.

^ Tiny feet and the wider foot print of the Castle.

^ Nimble and elegant footwork against the backdrop of rigid stonework.

^ Hanging Hurls, decorated for Art and fun, not competition.