Ballygurrane is the name of a Village and Townland in Castlegar, County Galway.

Coordinates; 53.307673 , -9.019720

Elevation; 93 feet

This Village was well populated but must have been decimated due to the Famine of Ireland,

Castlegar Church ( Saint Columba's ) was positioned to the south of here, prior to the 1800's or 19th Century.

It ran roughly East to West, across the Castlegar School road, around the modern-time homestead of the Kings, and as far east as Roadstone Quarry.

Old maps suggest a large number of households here, while today, there is little to the East in terms of houses until one enters the townland of Pollkeen.

(ref. P.M.)

This location overlooks Ballindooley Lake to its east, with Ballindooley Castle and townland to the North.

Discover who lived in Ballygurrane (Ballygarraun) in the 1850's and 1911