• Ballindooley Lake is in the Townlands of Ballindooley and Ballygurrane, while also in the Parish of Castlegar, Galway.
  • Coordinates -     53.305900,    -9.027611
  • Elevation  -  11 metres. Using the same metrics (G.E.), Lough Corrib is 5 metres at 3kms to the North-west.
  • Google Map.
  • From Eyre Square, Galway - over 2 Miles... N84, the Headford Road.
  • Perch, Pike and Eels at some point.
  • Just South of Ballindooley Castle - 180 metres.
  • Unqualified comment - clean, or relatively so.
  • Connected to the Sea in the past - ----> Ballinfoyle ....> Galway. See Contour Map and elevation stats.
  • Public access... hmm.. don't know, but nothing official, I'd imagine...

Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 1837


 Arrhenwrus crenatus Koenike.—River Corrib. In a small deep lake on the limestone at Rallindooley, near Galway, a beautiful bright red form of this species occurs, which is strikingly different from the dull purplish form found in the Royal Canal and other places in the east of Ireland.

Ballindooley Lake