Castlegar, is the name of a Parish, a Townland, and a Village - within a few miles to the East of Galway City, Ireland.
Castlegar Village, is centered around the Castle there.
The Townland is a wider geographical region, around that Village.
The Parish of Castlegar, is a Religious container, which used to include Renmore, Mervue,  Ballybane , Doughiska, Merlin Park, Murrough and Ardaun  also. Some of these, formed their own Parishes (and Churches), while others combined.
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 Merlin Park Castle

"The Trappers Inn was open for Business in Christmas..... The Mystery Folk. You could not get inside the door on a Wednesday Night, after 8pm....

, 1968...."

nimmo's pier 


Railway Crossing

2010 Boreen Festival Clip


 obg173 Bridge, Galway

Ballyglunin Station